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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking by the advice of Olivia Palermo

I am obsessed with Olivia Palermo from having a folder with all of her looks on my Desktop, to watching video tutorial about how to get her makeup look. Last year she revealed her top makeup products, which she frequently uses to Hello magazine,  I copied the list and tried to get or even try as many products as I can.

 * All Olivia Palermo images are taken from Google images.

 One of the first and the best thing I got was the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, it's a shimmering powder that I have to put in my everyday makeup bag, I use it as a highlighter for the cheeks and brow bone, I use the darker parts as counter powder when I am hurry and the lighter parts as blush and sometimes as eye shadow too, it's a brilliant product that be a great investment.

The second product I tried from her list was the L'Oreal Ellnet hair spray, of course most of us are using it at the hair salons, but I never actually owned one in house. I got the mini one that I also carry in my bag. When I am putting my hair in a high ballerina bun, I spray it generously on my top knot and it stays perfect all day long. I also tried spraying it after curling my hair myself and it made the curls stay longer than it usually do. I have fine hair so keeping curls or even waves for more than a day is kinda of impossible to me.

Another thing Olivia loves that I want to get soon is the Burberry makeup line. I am putting my eyes on some items and will let you know when I try them.

Friday, January 25, 2013

What's in her bag ?! Zinab Chahine

Zinab Chahine is one of the most famous young designer in the Middle East, she is the one behind the funky accessories brand Ctrl+Z .
Today we get to see what's inside Zinab's 2D bag from a brand called Jump From Paper, which was a Christmas gift from her husband.

Zinab says: inside my pursue you can find a container of cat food for the cats on the street, bottle caps that I pick up to use in my jewelry,  I got money stuck in a pocket of the purse because I don't carry a wallet, Rose Salve balm; because its great for everything from lips to elbows, Benefit Cosmetics perfume, my passport, my inhaler for my asthma, iPhone  and iPhone headphones, small mirror from h&m and a hairband.

Zinab's a huge animal lover. Always adapting cats from the streets
Isn't it fabulous

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cairo Chic in Istanbul

We are talking the Cairo Chic to Istanbul this time with Yasmin Mansour. It's always cold at Istanbul at this time of the year, so Yasmin beautifully layered up to keep her warm and fashionable at the same time.

Shoes and Knitwear from YARGICI Bracelet from Stradivarius, .Bag and Trousers from Zara, cap and scarf from COVERI, Jacket from NEXT glasses Prada watch Cartier.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fyunka Girl Goes to Jeddah

Alaa Balkhy, the Saudi young designer behind Fyunka bags is finally back to her hometown Jeddah, after two short and successful stops by Dubai and Kuwait. The Fyunka girl is now staying in NYC to finish her masters, she is having a short trip through the Middle East to showcase her newest collection.

Yesterday I went to the Fyunka event at the Loft hub. The event was beautifully organized and the theme was all about the Saudi culture, with Saudi great music played in the background and Saudi authentic food catered by Aseil restaurant, that was really cool for me, because as an Egyptian I really no so little about the Saudi culture, and it was nice for me to drink Arabic coffee, taste traditional food, and listen to different tunes, I really loved the music there, it was not the traditional Khaligy songs, yet it was very authentic. It was a night of fun, fashion and culture, and I am so glad that I again met Alaa, and the rest of my favourite Saudi bloggers

Loved the see through bags so much

I loved the decoration

Traditional Saudi Sambosak
Thank you Alaa for the lovely giveaway

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Products of the Month: Vaseline Lotions

Thanks to the super global warming effects, the winter this year is aggressively cold. I think it's the coldest winter we have ever witnessed, everyone I know is staying home wrapped up in a heavy blanket, holding a cup of hot tea and setting beside the heater. Even if you really are enjoying the cold, or was waiting for it to snow in Saint catherine so you can go play with the snow, I am sure your skin is not loving all of this.
That why Vaseline Cocoa butter lotion was my BFF for the last couple of months. I first discovered the Vaseline Cocoa butter when I was pregnant, I was putting generous amount of it on my baby belly to avoid having stretch marks, it's not only super and deep moisturizing, it also helps with the stretch marks -Not eliminating them- but helping to blend them with your skin tone or helping not to get them in the first place. What I love about this product is its delicious smell, it smells like chocolate and it didn't annoy me when I was pregnant, it's easily absorbed to the skin and doesn't leave your skin greasy. It's very moderately priced and can be found anywhere from big supermarkets to pharmacies.

Another lotion I recently discovered and tried from Vaseline, was the even tone lotion. One of my friends had two of them so she gave me one to try, thank God I don't have multi-toned skin, so I just kept it on my lotions shelves without using, till one day I suddenly ran out of all of my moisturizers, so I had to use it, and I am happy for that chance that made me discover this amazing product, after using for couple of weeks, I notice how smooth my skin, especially my elbows and knees have become brighter, I didn't complain about them before, but I really didn't know they can look better :) also another thing this amazing product has did, is helping with the problem of pinkish and slightly inflamed skin pores. you know sometimes after removing the excess hair, the follicles can be inflamed and turn red for while and  that can cause the new body hair to grow under the skin.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Double Nooun Giveaway

Who wants to win some cool and funky accessories from Double Nooun?!

Double Nooun is giving away 1 cup holder and 1 business card holder to 1 lucky winner :)

 All you have to do is :
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*If you have already liked both pages, then just leave your name and email below

How easy is this ?!

*Competition ends 20 February. Winner will be picked randomly on the 22nd of February.

 Where to Finds Double Nooun:

Amuse Concept Store- Zamalek
Asfour Al Nil - Zamalek
Vanilla vintage- Heliopolis
Boho Gallery- Masaken Sheratoon
Hop&Shop- Sheikh Zayed

Cream Boutique

Boutique Muscat

Candella Boutique

Blush Boutique


Trend Alert: Turban Chic

This is going to be the first post dedicated to veil, well the turban is not really the appropriate veil, but if you want to cover up in style or if you are bored from the usual ways to tie the scarf, you can try the turban and make sure you are covering your neck with ascarf or wear a turtle neck, but please don't wear a Carina top, it's the most unfashionable thing in the universe, a very big NO girls a very big no.

First time I went to Jeddah I saw how elegantly the ladies there are sporting the Turbans, I was introduced to the fabulous Sotra turbans by Marriam Mossalli founder of Niche. I wanted to tried them badly,  so I got a black one  from Sotra, that I love to wear it with my hair down.
Last season the turbans were trending between celebrities, actually the turbans are not new to celebrities, from Rakia Ibrahim to Kourtney Kardashian If you consider her celebrity-  a lot have been rocking them since the T.V was invented :)

Marriam in turban

Me in Sotra  turban and Abaya !


Grace Kelly

My fav. one from Sotra

Elizabeth Taylor

Eva Mendes

Love Olivia Palermo's turban

Young Barbra :)

Grace Kelly

Miranda Kerr

Rakiah Ibrahim

Chiara Ferranghi


Kourtney Kardashian's stealing my style, hahaha

Nicole Scherzinger

Carrie :)

Again Rakia Ibrahim