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Monday, October 28, 2013

Out with Marc

Don't Forget tomorrow is the Out by Marc Party at Marc by Marc Jacobs store at Stars Avenue, 1st floor 8:30 Looking forward to see you all there.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lux Beauty Gallery...A Night to Remember

Before I even begin to talk about that magical night, I want to emphasize how much I love LUX, I grow up seeing LUX TV ads starring the world's most beautiful divas, whom have reached up to 400 gorgeous lady, the long list included Marilyn Monroe and Bridgett bardot, even the old Egyptian divas such as Amal Farid, Magda, Anaoshka, Ola Ramy, Raghda and Mona Zaki. I remember once they asked Mona Zaki who appeared in LUX ad, why she did it, she said because LUX is not just a brand I star in an ad for,  LUX represent fashion and beauty , and yes she was right.

LUX has always been associated with fashion, so it wasn't strange that they organize one of the biggest fashion designing competition in the MiddleEast, the LUX beauty gallery,  where young designers from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates were encouraged to join an engaging competition to design a winning dress. Competitors passed by several stages so from 2,000 girls who applied for the competition only 9 girls with picked to compete on the title, where one designer from Saudi and one from the Emirates would be picked to win 100,000 Derhams.

During the different stages, that the contestants passed by they got help and coach on fashion, styling and public speaking  from the Middle East's big fashionista Alanoud Badr, and from Rotana Khaligya's famous TV presenter Jeehan Al Heddawi. You can read my previous coverage HERE.

LUX flew me over to Dubai on September the 16 so I can attend the final stage of Lux Beauty Gallery which was held at the beautiful Atlantis, where the great Lebanese gone international designer Abed Mahfouz was on of the judges along Alanoud and Jeehan, and had displayed his latest Haute Couture collection.

Arriving at the Atlantis

Me at the event

Nilo Haq, Pond's Ambassador demonstrating live the effect of the new Pond's BB cream

It was certainly a night to remember

The beautiful Judge Anoud

The bloggers of the Sunsilk studio giving hair tips, check it on Youtube

The designers displayed there designs in front of the judges and the attendees, where each designer told us the story behind her dress, and judges asked them different questions. Before the judges took their desicion we were delighted by the ex- Star Academy student and the renowned Lebanese singer Saad Ramadan, singing a remake of Abdel Halim Hafez's timeless song Ahwak. Then we were introduced to the world of Abed Mahfouz through  a fashion show for his latest collection. The collection was beyond breathtaking, I literally loved every single dress. Abed has dressed so many divas and Hollywood actresses such as Resse Wetherspoon, Selena Gomez and many more.

The Egyptian/Australian TV personality Sherine Metwally hosting the event

Welcoming the judges

with Jeehan
With Abed Mahfouz

Saad Ramadan

Was sitting with the beautiful bloggers from Dubai, Dana Woolley, Nadya Hassan and Marriam Mossalli of Niche Arabia
Then Abed Mahfouz Show started

Then it came the moment of truth, where the judges had chosen the two winners, out of 9 gorgeous designs. Both Heba AlDawi and Zinab Al Oulmin have won 100,000 each for their amazingly designed gowns. Mahfouz promised to help all the 9 candidates in their careers, and offered one of them an internship at his Beirut atelier, How amazing ?!

Announcing the winner moment 

The family of  Zinab, celebrating their daughter, so touchy.


Last but not least I just want to salute the beautiful PR ladies of LUX who has setup everything to perfection, and made it a wonderful unforgettable night of fashion and beauty, as always expected from LUX.