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Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Jacket two looks

You all know that I love Olivia Palermo style so much, she is one of the best dressed women in our time, I love that her style  is so practical and can be easily copied, as it on the wearable side of fashion. She just love TopShop and always mixes it with high brands. Olivia is not afraid to wears the same thing twice or sometimes more. Some people say wearing the same outfit is a unforgettable sin for a fashionista, but I believe wearing the same item and creating a completely different look is such a fashionable challenge especially when you have more than 100 photographers stalking you.

 Love her Resis monochrome blazer, and how she succeed in styling it up differently each time she wore it.

Photo credit: oliviapalermo.com

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outfit Du Jour

Another new feature I will be doing, Outfit du jour, where occasionally I will be posting some photos of my outfit of the day.

 Here what I wore to Pond's and Fair and Lovely luxurious ladies night.

Dress:Femi9, Shoes: New Look

Watch: Micheal Kors in rose gold

My wedding bands and my favourite perfume for now Valentina by Valentino

Necklace by Ctrl + Z

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Product Review: The PORE-fessional Miracle

If you think that miracles are over, well think again!

While I was watching some makeup tutorials by the Youtube makeup gurus blogs, I noticed that everyone is talking about Benefit's newest products PORE-fessional face primer and pore minimizer, I saw that everyone was raving about it and loving it, so the big Benefit fan in me couldn't pass that chance to go check it at Sephora. When the saleslady tried it on my hand "where of course the pores are maximized" it was literally like magic, all my pores were suddenly gone, leaving my hand skin looking like porcelain and feeling so silky. I immediately purchased that product without a second thought.  I have a combined complexion, I have the T-zone, dry and oily skin all,. I was over the moon, as after all this year I finally  found a solution that will put my  problem of oily T-zone and enlarged pores around the nose to an end.

It's an amazing face primer as it will leave your face smooth and silky, ready for foundation application sans the caking effect, it's also perfect for summer I sometimes just apply it and go out with a drop of makeup, or even you can use in the middle of the day over your makeup, to control oil without applying loads of pressed powder that will cake and make you look awful. PORE-fessional is almost transparent and is light weighted so you won't feel like you put something  on your face at all. Ok so you may think I am exaggerating but I swear it's one of the greatest makeup items I ever purchased, I think the one who developed this product should be rewarded a noble  prize or something like this. I do advise all of you who are suffering from oily and large pores with this product, and even if you have perfect skin still PORE-fessional is good for you believe me.What's super amazing about it, is for a product with quality and efficacy like this, you will expect it to be SUPER expensive, well it's not at all, and the size is very good to just throw it in your bag if you want to touch up your makeup. For me I didn't need to reapply it, it stayed all the day.

See how it conceal large pores

You can find Benefit Cosmetics stands in all Faces and Sephora stores in GCC, and in Egypt you can find it at Sephora Toi and RAMFA store.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Protect your Heels with HeelSavers

About two weeks ago I received  through mail a small package, sent to me by a sweet girl called Salma from Heels Savers. Heel Savers are shoes accessories, they are small transparent plastic pieces that you put on the end tip of your heels, to protect your shoes from sinking in mud, sand, or slipping into cracks.

 As summer begins we all get invited to outdoors garden weddings and night beach parties. Did it happened to you that after enjoying your soiree and going back home, you find  your new/expensive shoes damaged? Well  it's rescission time and not all of us can afford to throw "almost new" shoes after such events. I really don't want to remember those embarrassing  awkward moments when me or one of my friends' heels sink down in mud or trip down and one of the mean girls giggle about it.
 HeelSavers prevent the heels from sinking into the grass or falling into cracks, and this is by increasing the surface area on the base of the heel and thus reduces the pressure on this area, it's really a good and affordable product, I didn't post about it till I tried myself because I never review stuff unless I tried myself. It was really good I noticed that it really enhanced the way I walk with super tall heels, I am tall and wearing tall heels is sometimes painful for me, but as HeelSavers made the end tip of the heel flat and increased the area, it gave me extra support. Also worth mentioning that they are reusable and washable too.

You can find it at Weeka Anteeka gallery in Nasr City, Loft 59 in Alexandria and online on www.Bungalowh.com

Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Studded Blazer

Yay, at last here it is my first ( Do it yourself) blog post entry, I have been always a great fan of DYI projects, and since I was a kid I used to watch those silly children's T.V shows on the Egyptian Channel 2, and try to imitate the simple DIY projects that they used to feature in the program. I used to call them "A'amal faneyah" : artistic work, it was funny and I remember how much my mum hated them because I was ruining everything around me with paint and glue. Eventually this hobby grew with me and turned from making birthday parties ornaments to making my own hair bands, and makeup bags, and here I am writing about some of the things I love to do myself.

Spikes and Studs are so in, from Louboutin to Zara, it seems like spikes and studs are all over the universe. I have noticed the any spiked or studded product has to be automatically worth a fortune, and I really dunno why, for some products "especially some of the local designers work" are just plain and they stick the spikes on. There was a beautiful studded blazer that I really wanted "which in same way is an imitation of the famous Balmain blazer",  but when I saw it at real life, two thing hit me, first the price it was ridiculously expensive,  the other thing is when I saw it closely it was just a normal plain black blazer, with some studs on it , yes it looked great but why the hell should I spend all that money to buy a blazer with some metal things on it. I went home disappointed and I told my mum what happened " looks like a big thing, but yes I am like that when I put my mind on getting something and I don't get it ", she told me "Noha don't worry I will get it to you". Silly me I though Mamy was going to spend her lifetime saving and get me the blazer, but instead next day she showed up with a tiny paper bag with the faded name of "El Nomorosy" printed on it. and another bag from H&M. And she smiled to my face saying  "tadaaah I got you your dream blazer". Actually she didn't get me THE blazer, but she got me a blazer; a black simple H&M blazer for 180 L.E and five dozens of gold studs from El Nomorosy for 60 L.E. Doing your own studded blazer is so simple and doesn't need any sewing skills. The studs are super easy to attach to the cloth, just mark the place where you want to place the studs with a dry old bar of soap or chalk, let the stud penetrate the cloth and close their edges with you finger, et voila a studded blazer for 240 pounds.
Now I will go buy all  of the blazers stock from H&M and a barrel of studs from El Nomorosy, and start my own line, make a fortune and become famous, and when I appear on T.V " I will say (with a fake accent) yes all my life I knew I will be a designer I have always wanted to be, I used to sew my own dolls' clothes" Isn't it how it goes ? with all my due respect to all respectable and talented designer that I really cherish and love.

I will post a picture of the finished blazer in an outfit du Jour post, which is another new feature to the blog. thank God it turned out to be good. And by the way you can find many kinds of studs at El Nomorosy or Kol She'a, or any other sewing and tailoring supplies stores which are scattered everywhere in all countries and they literally cost nothing, I wasn't lucky with spikes but you can order them online on www.spikesandstuds.com

Here are some inspirational photos that I collected to give some ideas. You can stud anything, bags, clutches, shoes, trainers, blazers, shorts, jeans or even abayas and veils

*First set photos set belong to Chanel, cupcakes, cameras and crayons, and the second photo set is taken from Google.

The Shop: A Vintage Oasis in the Middle of Jeddah

It's very rare to find a good vintage shop in the middle east, and it's even rarer to find a shop that cares more about the clothes and the art way more than it cares of the money.  But there came THE SHOP, an outstanding vintage shop that can be also defined as a huge treasure box full of fabulously timeless vintage pieces, Thanks to my friend who introduced me to this beautiful place, last time I went there, the Shop was introducing it's newest collection  L'amour a la plage "Love by the beach", I took some photos from the event, but never had the chance to post it. I love vintage clothing and accessories because in a away vintage means exclusive when you buy vintage, there is a very big chance that you won't find anyone else wearing it.
 One of the many things that I loved there was the cornered cupboard full of vintage sunglasses, Valentino, Givenchy, YSL and many more. Soon I will be having an interview with THE SHOP owner Bar'a  AlKhateeb, to know more about that mystical place.