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Friday, October 28, 2016

A Talk with the Lady behind Tchi Tchi Dolls

The bags charms and trinkets have become one of the most trending accessory for almost four consecutive seasons in the room. As small as it is, it will just turn old bag to a new one, and can spice up and put some edge on a plain or classic bag. It just a chic effortless item you add to your bag, wallet, backpack or even suitcase, that will dramatically transform it.

A lot of designer houses have created their own charms, but to be honest to have a one designer dedicated to creating such a lovely trinket was rare to find. Fadia Dekmak is a Lebanese designers who successfully engraved her name deep in the fashion scene, by creating her own doll charms. Her dolls are so unique with their mad hair and super glamorous outfits, that she can also customize and make them mimic your own personality. You can check www.Tchi-Tchi.com

I had the chance to have this short talk with Fadia and ask her about her little Tchi Tchi dolls and also I am giving you the chance to win your very own Tchi Tchi doll, by 1- following me on Instagram: NohaYoussef and SnapChat: NohaAyoussef , 2- mention two of your friends  on the tchi tchi doll photo I put on Instagram, and write done.

- Fadia can you tell us about yourself?
 I worked in the media for more than 10 years , I was a presenter but I always knew that fashion is my real passion .
-How did you do the career shift? 
  It was about time to do the shift and to give my passion all my time .
-why did you start making the dolls? 
 I wanted to do something different , first it was a doll for little girls and by adjusting the size the 1st Tchitchi came out .
-What does the name Tchi Tchi stands for? 
 Nothing specific I wanted an unusual name ear catching that people can remember easily .
-when did you start? 
 More than a year now .
- what was the first doll you designed?
The Diva , the full Swarovski stones doll .
-why are( bags accessories) a big thing now ? 
- It’s the trend these days an international one , the bag accessory is becoming more important than the bag itself . 
-what are the material you love to use? From where you source them? 
  I love stones and I only use the best the Swarovski crystals . 
-what is your favourite doll? 
The Diva is my star.
-What is the best seller doll until now?
 Its also the Diva !
-   What were the challenges you faced?
To make people see Tchitchi as a brand and not an imitation for some items of a big brand .
 -whom are the celebrities seen with the Tchi Tchi dolls? 

 Eva Langoria, Ritta Ora , Haifa Wehbe , Assala , Angham , Hind Sabri , Nancy Ajram , Nadine Njeim , Neilly Karim , Ghada Abed el razek , May Ezzedine , Hana Shiha and the list is still long ….

-who do you love to see rocking a Tchi Tchi doll? 
 Madonna and JLO .
- what would you love to design next? 
  Actually I started to design the Tchitchi handbag and it will be in market and on the Website very soon .
-how can one customize his own doll?
 By sending the picture of your favorite outfit , choosing between closed opened or wink eyes , choosing the color of stones and the color of the hair .
- where do you sell?
 Mainly we sell on Website and we deliver worldwide also in Les Galeries Lafayette Dubai Mall and House of Fraizer Yas mall Abu Dhabi and The salam stores Gate mall Qatar
How long it takes to make a doll ?
 Not less than 5 hours and sometimes more .
- What is your advice to the new start ups?
 To be creative a new idea will definitely boom so they have to work hard to find it and the most important to stay away from copying, we can get inspired this is fair .

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shiseido Big in Japan

Ten days ago was the launch of my Sketch, A new concept that I started out with my lovely partner Nahed Andijani, we had a beautiful dinner with all of the social influencers, bloggers, media and TV personnel in Jeddah. Thank God It was a huge success everyone enjoyed the mini fashion show we had, the dinner, the crowd and of course the giveaways.

For our giveaways I made sure all the products are from companies I love and trust. Products I will myself use, and first brand I loved to be with us was Shiseido. I will tell you my story with Shiseido back ago when I was in college I asked my friend who used to travel a lot to bring me good quality creams and makeup, she came bag with a paper bag full of Shiseido products, and from the first time I tried them I fell in love. I have unbelievable loyalty to this brand in specific. It is one of the best skincare brands out there, It is a Japanese brand with the finest ingredients ever.
 Two weeks ago I had a skin consultation with one of the brand's Japanese beauty experts who flew from Dubai specially to give three days skin consultations. I had so many done before, but I never had a detailed one like this with great advice and recommendations. I thought I had low moisture level but it turned out to be within the normal range, but apparently I am starting to have some pigmentation. I got one of the best products from them that I have ever tried in a while, it is the Sleeping mask, it is amazing so light weight and  repairing the skin while you are sleeping, letting you wake up with the freshest skin ever, and it does really work, I started to feel the difference from just two days, can you imagine, it also helps reducing the appearing of wrinkles and pigmentation if you are over 25 I highly recommend it.
Coming to the goodie bag, the bag itself is so beautiful leather pouch, Inside there are BB cream, lip liner, eyeliner, lip balm and eye mask.The BB cream is very light weight, with light to medium coverage with SPF 30, it is just the perfect product for busy mornings, it spreads very well with just the finger tips, super hydrating, so I feel like skipping the moisturizer (oops, sometimes I can get super busy to adding one more beauty step in the mornings)

 The eye mask I haven't tried yet, but I already heard great reviews from my fellow bloggers who came to the event and try it, probably will try it over this weekend, and tell you my opinion on SnapChat: NohaAyoussef
The smoothing eye liner, is a surprise for me it is so dark and creamy, yet it is so hard to erase, which is the problem with all the creamy eyeliners, believe me it one of the best out there.

The smoothing lip liner I can't even believe that there such good lip liner and it is so underestimated, I can safely say it is the best lip liner I have every tried, for me it is just perfect. What a lovely surprise it is. I could say everyone from our guests stopped to praise this product, I use it to contour my lips then fill my lips with it, and I don't even apply lipstick above it, and it is so creamy but matte, and can stays on your lips all day.

Last but not least, the sun screen lip treatment, I have allergies in my lips, yes you read it right, I have allergies from lipstick, toothpaste, and sun. Of course I can't stop using them, but now at least I can protect my lips from sun, although I beauty products fanatic, it is my first time to come a cross a products specialized for protecting the lips from the sun.

Marc Jacobs New Air Blush Soft Glow Duo

Marc Jacobs and how I love Marc Jacobs guys. Have you tried their mascara and eyeliner?!! I swear they are from the best of the best out there. From the fantastic and sophisticated packing to the amazing long lasting formula. If you haven't tried Marc Jacobs makeup then you have been missing on a lot. I was passing by Sephora this week and I noticed the new Air Blush Soft Glow Duo and oh boy they are to die for.  The concept behind them is recreating the flush seen on late evenings on crowded dance floors, air blush drapes your cheeks in weightless color with a naturally luminous, dancefloor-inspired, foolproof flush that lasts up to 24 hours. 

So tell me in the comments if you have tried or not? I have put my eye on two shades that I will be buying and will do a review on Snapchat: NohaAyoussef , so make sure you are following me there.


Poca and Poca Fall winter collection

 Poca and Poca is a brand  from Poland, I learned about in 2012 through other blogs, and then I traced it down, and found that they have an outlet in Galleries Lafayette in Dubai Mall, As soon as I saw their display I fall in love, I knew I won't go out with empty hands, and I quickly picked one of their most famous designs till our day, the winged black jumpsuit as I like to call it. I remember going after to a fashion show in Dubai and having everyone stopping me to ask about the brand, and magazines photographers chasing me to take my photo. Yes this how special the outfit was.

For this season Poca and Poca came out with a unique campaign (Bubbles and Bubbles), I love how naughty and colorful their campaigns are, and how every time you buy something from them they shower you with small trinkets and chocolates ah and bubble soap :)
Dominating colours for this collection are pastel yellow, vibrant green and pink, and by the way Pink so trending this summer, you can see it every where, that why I am so happy because of course you know this is my fav. colour for everything.

The cuts of Poca and Poca are like no other so unique and structured, it like you are wearing a geometric design that is fitting perfectly to your body. also what I love about the fabric for this fall winter collection is they do look light, but they are so suitable for cold weather as well.

I choose from this collection the Pink puffy top (photo down) which I paired with a light weigh white trousers and wore it on my trip to discover the royal palace in Thailand. I swear to God again people stopped from different countries to ask me about my top, to an extent a sweet Danish girl was with me on the tour, she came up right to me and told me can I see the brand tag :)
Their pieces are so unique you can wear in a special occasion or if you have an important outing and want to stand out.

I am sharing with you my favourite looks from the current collection, follow them on Instagram: PocaandPoca and check it regularly because they always have giveaways and competition and they giveaway a whole outfit.

Also you can find them in Galleries Lafayette Dubai Mall, and Panorama Mall in Riyadh. And of course they ship worldwide for low cost shipping check www.pocaandpoca.com