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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hot or Not?! Isabel Marant Sneakers

Those sneakers are from these things that you either love it or hate it. First time I saw the Isabel Marant wedged sneakers, I said to myself why the hell do people like these things and how come they are getting all that attention, but after a while my eyes started to get used to them  and the Ash ones as well, as both brands are literally all over the bloggers' world. Gradually I started liking them, and I am thinking of getting a pair for myself,as I saw that they can be worn with almost anything from hot short to skirts. And you know that a clothing item is starting to get popular, when the knock offs start to appear. As Nike felt that their popularity begin to decrease among the fashionistas, they released a new collection imitating the infamous Isabel Marant's sneaker, it may not be as cool as the Isabel Marant's, but for sure they are way cheaper than them. Also Aldo did another cheaper version, but to speak the truth I didn't like them so much, for me it was a little bit dull.

So tell me girls will you be wearing them or will you pass on this trend ?




Ash wedge sneaker
Buy this gorgeous Ash sneakers HERE





I really loved how Kate paired the with the pleated maxi skirt

Miranda Kir rocking her IM sneakers

Miranda does love her pair


Aldo's knock off

Nike's version

Another Nike's

Friday, April 27, 2012


The lovely Lebanese graphic designer and pop artist Rana Salam finally launched a new accessories collection featuring pins and iPhone covers with vintage photos of Egyptian movie stars and old ads, mixed with a touch of pop and vibrant colours, which is her famous signature.
I was always a big fan of Rana Salam's work and a follower of her blog, so when I knew the her designs are available for purchase in DADU boutique, I had to get my hands of one of them. I went to the Taahiah Karreyoka one, as she together with Samia Gammal are my favourite belly dancers of all the times, they were ladies, they danced with passion and with artistic moves, not like the soft porn dancers we have nowaday " I am not gonna mention names here". Check her other designs at www.mismaoul.com

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Mishmaoul iPhone covers at DADU boutique

I just loved how DADU styled the Mismaoul collection's dipslay

DADU boutique

I couldn't resist buying the cute mirror too

Taahiah on my iPhone

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's in her bag ?!

The "What's in her bag?" is finally back, I know you missed it, and this time I am back with what's inside Marriam Mossali's bag. Marriam is not just a pretty face, she is a lady that has the looks and the brains, a fashion editor turned luxury and fashion consultant, and founded her own Luxury consultancy firm Niche.

An honor graduate from George Washington University, Marriam has always been a promoter of women’s rights. As the youngest editor at the Middle East’s Leading English Daily, Marriam achieved great success at an early age, becoming a role model for many young females. Along with a fellow editor, she launched the popular Life & Style section and is credited with creating a fashion niche within the Kingdom. Currently, she continues to be a contributing fashion editor for both print and online publications and a champion for women in the workplace.

In addition, Marriam has put her ability to foresee trends, as well as her impressive network to great use, becoming the bridge between PR agencies and the burgeoning online community of Saudi bloggers. Her years of experience as an editor have made her the ideal candidate to help nurture the great talent of Saudi’s enthusiastic youth. Her 2010 article “Women Need to be Fully Integrated into the Workplace” gained international attention and made her an unofficial spokesperson for young workingwomen. Since then, Marriam has been asked to lecture and consult at various venues to both men and women on the crucial topic. Marriam has teamed up with King Abdulaziz University to present the first ever fashion show to showcase appropriate work wear for young women as part of Niche’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

When I asked Marriam what inside her bag, she said: I carry a vintage 2.55 Chanel purse from AL SAWANI RED SEA "I'm obsessed with vintage! it's from the ultimate limited edition!", since my days as an editor, I can never leave home without my USBs and business cards (in an Emilio Pucci card case), passes for fashion weeks, trade shows, and events,my keys: Alexander McQueen "I have a thing for McQueen,  my Balenciaga wallet in black patent leather, YSL vintage sunglasses from  THE SHOP, Fyunka makeup bag, my MAC lipsticks in the only three colors I ever wear: Techno color red, hot pink, or nude, Lip infusion from Sephora, Narciso Rodriguez perfume balm,  Chanel body lotion, my Kara Ross NY iPad case "Kara gave me this personally at her showroom in NYC during Mercedes-Benz fashion week.... she's an enabler when it comes to my addiction for exotic skins. And finally the people from Izone introduce the luxury accessory brand Molami into the Kingdom! These stingray headphones make me feel like the bell of the ball even in sweats at the gym.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Product of the month

Three weeks ago, one of my friends asked me to recommend a good makeup remover for her, for a moment I hesitated and couldn't actually remember what makeup removal I was using right that moment, maybe because it wasn't something special, I was always switching back and forth between Sephora makeup removal and Bourjois's which I got as a gift when I purchased their Duo mascara.

So going back home I kept on thinking about it, I may not be the kind of person who applies makeup everyday and if I ever did I would just work on the eyes and the lips not my face. maybe because I am now a working mum and don't really have time to waste 30 minutes in front of the mirror everyday to do my makeup, but on the other hand I am a big makeup collector, I am addicted to buying makeup and playing with it when I have some free time. Anyways during those previous weeks I had two important events that made me do a full face makeup, going back home it took me some time to remove my makeup with my normal makeup removals, yeah they did remove my makeup but I had to rub my face many times with the cotton pad till it turned a little red to have it all go away. So I thought to myself: Noha it's about time I invest in a really good makeup removal.

And suddenly I remembered that  the last time I was in Paris I entered a pharmacy " Oh God how much do I love the french pharmacies, I could spend hours there just browsing through the products, taking notes and trying to read the ingredients with french just to prove to my companions that my french is so good that I am reading the ingredients on the cream with french, while it's the same as in English or to be more accurate with its Latin chemical name, that I knew because I am originally a pharmacist", anyway when I was there a lady came to me and told me about Bioderma, which is a french makeup cosmetics and beauty line, I had already knew Bioderma from Egypt as its Zinc cream was the only thing that helped to take away the redness on my friend's face when she had a really bad facial right before her engagement party. anyways back to the main subject- I don't know why I keep on telling sub-stories away from what I am supposed to be saying- I tried there the Bioderma Sensibio  makeup removal and I thought it was amazing, but there were two reasons why I didn't get it,  first the price, it was a little pricey and I had almost spent all the money I had,  and the second reason was it came in a one liter bottle and my luggage was already extra weight and I didn't want to pay for another extra kilo.

 So back to our present time,I was at a wedding fair in the Hilton hotel, and to my good luck I saw by chance a booth for Bioderma "sometimes I am just too lucky, well only sometimes" so I went there and  bought the thing with an amazing discount. When I tried on a heavy makeup it was really really good, it's  by far the most amazing makeup removal I ever used. The Bioderma Sensibio is fragrance free and  it contains a cleanser that can be found in contact lenses solutions! So you know that it's not going to irritate the eyes, and that is what I like about micellar solutions - they are gentle. So gentle in fact that they are great if you have sensitive or dry irritated skin , but yet it has very strong removing power and it's doesn't smudge your makeup when removing it, that the thing about micellar solutions is they leave absolutely no residue on the skin, it is as if you just washed your face with water. That's great for days I want to re touch my makeup without redoing it completely or if I make a mistake with my eyeliner and want to just touch up. Most makeup removers leave a greasy residue on the skin that I find makeup won't adhere to if you want to then re apply over it. I do recommend it to everyone, it's really a good investment and works for almost every skin type, and the other thing that I have learned later that it's the number one choice for makeup artists and Vloggers "maybe because all the Vloggers are turning into makeup artists I guess".

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Women Of Tomorrow Fashion Show

Last week I had an amazing chance to help with setting up three fashion shows, that were held at KAU during the university's career forum week, under the theme "Women of Tomorrow". The fashion shows were organized by the magnificent "Niche Arabia"  with the collaboration of a bunch of great sponsors such as Femi9, Al Sawani, Guess, Tous, Cole HaanIzone, Babyliss, Maybelline and Eve salon, and with the help of students models from KAU, and although it was their first time to walk the runaway, they acted like professional models and rocked the stage. The first fashion show was held on the opening night and it was all about "work chic", on the second day we had the models walk around the hall where the fair was, and  for the last day the show had a completely vintage feel to it , with fabulous outfits presented from The Shop vintage shop.
I really had so much fun working at this event, I learned so many things and got to meet a lot of interesting people as well. It was my first time ever to help with a fashion show, run down the backstage, dressing the models, choosing the right shoes, lining the models up and sending them to the catwalk. Indeed it was tiring but it was surreal, I felt like I was in the city or America's next top model show hehehe.

Shoes were from Cole Haan

Outfits were from Femi9

Nabila Nazeer jacket and Cole Haan oxford shoes

Shoes heaven, my favourite was the black patent peep toe heels
Thanks to Dareen Alyawar for the first four photos.
Guess Booth, love the new rubber wrap watches

Niche Booth, displaying luxury goodies for some of Niche's clients

Loved that Vintage Versace jacket by The Shop

Niche Arabia is a luxury consultancy firm with unique insight into both the Gulf and Western
markets, founded by Miss Marriam Nageeb Mossalli who is a well known name among the international fashion industry, her background in both branding and media has afforded her unique expertise into the local markets and together with her business acumen as a young entrepreneur, are the driving forces behind Niche’s success.
 Niche has years of experience in an extensive range of aspects within the fashion industry, including advertising, media, event planning, and publishing. they have the ability to  position your brand ahead of the market though a winning combination of local market knowledge and insightful analysis. With a number of success stories of “firsts,” Niche is able to think outside the box and into your target market. they offer many creative services that your brand can benefit from, like; Brand Consulting & Representation, Visual Merchandising & Space Management, Merchandising Execution, Creative PR Strategic Planning, Event Planning, Editorial & Multimedia Execution, Industry Research & Analysis, Endorsements and Co-Branding. Make sure you follow Niche on Facebook and Twitter, to keep yourself always updated with all the fashion events, shows, garage and guerrilla sales that Niche organize.

Marriam N Mossali with Christan Louboutin

Marriam with Michael Kors