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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mani Mondy: Remove your nail polish in seconds.

In Mani Monday today, I am sharing with you one of (my must have) products from Sephora, the express nail polish remover. It's a very creative product, and so simple to use, you just dip your finger in the bottle, move it forward and backward for some seconds, and voila it's all gone. No cotton buds, no spilling of the product everwhere and no awuful smell of acetone.
Go to http://sephora-me.com/ to know the nearest Sephora branch to you. I wish Sephora would open in Cairo soon. but I saw some shops stock this product.

Image: bling.io

Image: http://modussvivendi.blogspot.com

image: theboudoir-q8.com

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Shield Collection By Sofia Al Asfoor

There is no fashionista in the gulf, who hasn't heard yet of Sofia Al Asfoor's beautiful bags. Sofia is a Bahraini designer, who studied fashion designing in London College of Fashion, and back home she started her own line of high quality, sophisticated and eye catchy coloured bags. I won't say much about these bags, I will let the photos do. Sofia is taking orders now through email sofia@sofiaalasfoor.com and the bags are available in Saks fifth avenue in Bahrain and Dubai, 51 Eat  in Qatar, and in Kuwait at Al Othman store
 Visit their website: www.sofiaalasfoor.com

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Leila is coming to Alexandria

Leila one of my favourite Lebanese restaurant, that I have blogged about ages ago- Read previous post here- is branching out in Egypt,and after their huge success of their mall of Arabia branch, they are opening an new brand branch in Alexandria after 6 days, Yuppie... I am planning a trip to Alexandria soon, and will be visiting it for sure. Ah and my beautiful Alexandrian readers, if you know any trendy boutique or cool place worth checking, please leave a comment below.

I just remembered that I didn't share with you my photos from my last visit to Leila Restaurant, Mall of Arabia.

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The indoors area

 I forgot to take a photo of my main dish, but here is the best dessert I have ever had in a Lebanese restaurant, Ghazl Beirut, it's basically cotton candy filled with ice cream and nuts...yummmy.
best dessert ever, Ghazl Beirut

Friday, November 23, 2012

The No Foundation..Foundation

My mum is a natural beauty she has the perfect hair and the perfect skin, she never had to wear foundation nor compact or anything like that, so I grow up feeling that foundation is fake and I have to say that some particular cake faced ladies around me helped me to reach to that point too :). But growing up and learning more about makeup I understood that sometimes foundation is necessary, I don't like heavy foundation or complete face coverage, but I figured out what I need is some kind of pseudo-foundation, something to gave me a good base, hydration, glow and semi coverage before I apply my makeup. So I did some research, watched tons of Youtube videos, asked my makeup artists friends, and after trying so many products, I came up to these 3 products that I really love and switche between them according to what makeup I will apply.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer:
I got this product after reading in several fashion magazine that it's the best tinted moisturizer in the universe, and after watching how Youtube make gurus rave about it, I knew I had to get it. And since Laura Mercier is not available in the Middle East, I got  it from a certain company which gets makeup from the USA and sell it here, it was of course more expensive, but it was worth it.

If you don't know what tinted moisturizer is: it's a facial moisturizer with a hint of colour, so it hydrates the skin and gives it a good but not a full coverage. I chose the oil free version in the colour porcelain, and I got it also in Sand, which is a darker tone than my skin, to give me a bit of fake tan.
*They are available in 9 colours.

Benefit's Some Kind A Gorgeous:

This is the perfect and I mean the PERFECT foundation faker, it's not foundation at all, it's designed for the foundation haters girls as myself. It's has no moisturizing effect, you have to apply moisturizer and (or) primer before it, because if you apply it to dry skin it can look caked. It has creamy texture but it turns powdery when being put on face, I apply it with sponge and it gives really amazing results. I love this product so much, it was even included in my last giveaway. It makes me feel like yeah it's my face but it's prettier, no fake feeling of foundation no strange colours, nothing.

 Garnier BB Cream:
 This was the last makeup purchase I made, and I have been using it for the last two weeks continuously, and ladies I swear by this product. I was taken by the BB cream craze and I was at the pharmacy with my friend who is the one and only  Egyptian makeup Youtuber, and she advised me to get it and I am so glad I did. It comes in three different colours I chose the lightest one, it blends so well to the skin, hydrates the skin, has very enough colour to cover any imperfection, and if you want to know what's the difference between BB cream and Tinted moisturizer, I'll tell you, BB stands for blemish balm, which is a German invention that was used to cure acne but with some hydrating effect, so BB cream has more things to do than the tinted moisturizer, BB cream has SPF, helps achieving uni-tone and removes blemish.

So that were my picks, what are yours ? If you have tried anything you thing I should try it, please leave a comment for me below.

Pashion's Fashion Night Out..2nd Edition

Last summer I was in Amsterdam and Vogue Netherlands was preparing its famous FNO through shops and boutiques, I was so jealous because I really wanted to attend something like that, and I knew that Pashion Magazine had through the first FNO in Cairo last year, but unfortunately I was in Dubai at that time, and I couldn't make it. But my jealousy is over now,  because Pashion Magazine is throwing another Fashion Night Out the coming month.

This year’s event will be set at the very elegant Cairo First Mall, on Saturday December 8th, from 6 pm to 12 pm. Special events,promotions and attractions for the capitals fashionistas will include:Be The first to view latest arrivals & special editions, Mini fashion shows, trend-wall from runway to high-street, , customize pieces, meet the designers, runway hair& manicure bar, runway make up , Pashion cover shoot wall, Live entertainment , raffle prizes, ,food & drinks served all night, photo contest, model corner, fashion book & magazine bar, vintage corner, and an after party at Indigo for all those who shop during the event… 

Next to the finest of international fashion and jewelry brands at home at the Cairo First Mall, pop-up stores are available to make Egypt’s young and talented designers part of the shopping night extravaganza and offer space to more retailers wishing to join the event.
The participating stores: Azza Fahmy, Mohammed Al Sagheer, Caro Joiallier, Safi Boutique, Royal Fashion, & pop up stores by Amina K., Nuniz, Euphoria, Rania's Corner, Amuse, Villa Baboushka, Georges Sara, Lina Chawki, MFL, Proud Egyptian Girl, Mixn Match, Maja Soric, Dido Embaby, The Pink Powder Room, Nevin Altman, Laila Abu Tira, ....

Just a few of the special attractions & highlights of CAIRO’s FASHION NIGHTS 2nd edition…
- “High-tea at Tiffany’s” & more surprises at TIFFANY&CO. from 6 – 7 pm .
- BULGARI kicks off the worldwide “Save the Children” initiative with a cocktail from 8 - 9 pm.
- Discover “The Best of French Fashion in Cairo” at a cocktail reception hosted by H.E. The French Ambassador& Mrs.Nicolas Galey at La Maison Blanche from 9 – 10 pm.
- Visit the RESTYLANE booth for free consultations & enter a draw for one of 4 free injections by Dr.Hisham El Minawi from 8 – 10 pm.
- SABRY MAROUF will be launching their SS’13 collection “ULTIMA” and in celebration will give away free iconic pink-gold bracelets, exclusively made for Cairo’s Fashion Nights.
- BARAKA OPTICS will open your eyes with a happy hour from 7 – 9 pm, offering a 30% discount on selected new collections including Michael Kors, DVF & Italia Independent.
- HIPBoutique offers its fashionable clients a 15% discount on the latest arrivals of the season.
- 25% discount on any men’s shirt purchased at EL SASTRE
-“Happy Hour & Happy Feet” at ENRICA D’ from 8 -10 pm with a 15% discount on the latest arrivals for fall/winter.
- From incredible discounts to free special shopping totes, its happening at “POLO’S Night of Surprises”.
- Sample free products & benefit of the free hair consultations by the experts at CHI and enjoy free AREEJ aromatherapy facial treatments.
- Be the lucky winner of a clutch by NAZEEKA.
- FRIVOLETTO is offering 20% reductions on all collections.
- Receive a free clutch when spending over LE 1000 at THE SAHARA COLLECTION.
- “Fashion meets Interiors” at TANIS.
- Be a cover girl at the PASHION PHOTO BOOTH.
- "EGYPT'S FASHION FUTURE" a collateral exhibition by students from the Career Guess Fashion School Cairo.
- Personal styling with KEGHAM DJEGHALIAN , the personal stylist from Liberty's London.
- Pick up your bracelet designed by Reham Essam & endorsed by Egyptian movie star Yousra, in aid of "The EGYPTIAN SOCIETY FOR DIABETES CARE- SUKAR MAZBOOT

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cairo Shpping Guide: Ghazl Banat

Ghazl Banat  Boutique is not new for the Cairo fashion scene, they had a previous store located inside Studio 14, where there were an art gallery and El Horreya Showroom, but now as that place is closed, they moved into Degla Center in Zamalek. This little shop is a hidden gem, it's very different than most of the boutiques we have here, it's a bold store that carries edgy labels like Elmut Lang, Rebecca Taylor Gryphon, twenty8twelve, Shine, April May and many more playful brands.

Ghazl El Banat: Hassan Sabry Street, located in Degla shopping center, where Vartan is.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's in her bag ?!

This time we will get to know what's inside the bag of the uprising Egyptian designer Nada Akram. Nada has started her label Nada Akram Designs couple of years ago. Her collection is ready to wear, very practical and chic.
Nada wearing a statement T.Shirt from her latest collection
 When asked what's inside her bag, Nada replied: "I believe that my Louis Vuitton Speedy Canvas bag fits everything I need to have with me outside, as well added as my new  Naomi Hanem (Vintage Ads) clutch that I got recently. I move around with my iPad , Gucci shades , makeup bag from Funky Fish and a matching notebook, Pink Sugar hair perfume (it really helps when I am around smokers) , Victoria's secret body splash, pink Sony cyber shot digital camera , Maybelline mouse pink blush , Maybelline master precise liquid eye liner (the best eyeliner ever), Maybelline eye liner pencil , The Body Shop blusher , raspberry lip balm and hot pink lipstick from The Body Shop too, mini pink mirror , MAC concealer, Ghivenchy phenomena mascara and of course my keys in universal studios Betty Boob key chain ,Blackberry 9900 bold , iPhone 3GS, and finally my wallet from New Look.

What's inside Nada's bag

Nada's Makeup

Friday, November 16, 2012

Get ready for the winter with Kiehl's

The first time ever I purchased anything from Kiehl's, I was about to miss my flight from Copenhagen to Paris in 2008, I was rushing to catch my flight, then I saw Kiehl's store and of course I had to stop by, as I have always read about it in high end fashion magazines, and how celebrities and super models swear by their products. Since that time I have become addicted to Kiehl's and I have to say I completely changed my skin care routine since I have stareted using Kiehl's creams and lotions.

I have tried a lot of their products all were amazing, but today I will be talking about the two products that I use every single day and I guess I will  be using them every single day of my life. The first is Creme de Corps lotion, which is a body lotion with the most hydrating effect ever and I really mean EVER. My skin was insanely dry, due to the fact I don't drink sufficient amount of water, so by drinking enough water and using it, my skin has literally transformed within days....... I swear. The lotion is so light weighted, it's perfect for both summer (not at all greasy) and for winter (Super hydrating), it has pleasant, not over whelming smell which suits me so well because I have allergies. Just apply it after showering before bed time, and wake up to silky skin.And for all the pregnant hot mammas out there, it works miracle preventing stretch marks too.

My holy grail
 The other product I am crazy about is Kiehl's facial cream. When I used up my Kiehl's Argan hair oil (another amazing product that deserves a whole post) , I ran to Harvey Nicholas in Dubai to get a new one, the sweet ladies there gave me a box filled with free samples, and here is how I got to try their facial cream, I have a crazy complexation as most of the Egyptians it's sometimes oily and I have to carry oil absorbing sheets around in my bag, or it is very dry and I have to use heavy moisturizers to hydrate it and hours it will start to be oily again, but thank God I don't have this problem anymore, as Kiehl's facial cream is THE perfect facial cream for me, this magical thing, understands my skin, I apply it and it gets well absorbed in seconds, hydrate my skin very well without leaving any oily traces. It also has no scent, the texture is somehow between cream and gel so makes the application easily, and is perfect to use under your makeup or as a night cream.

 I got these product from Kiehl's hooftstraat, branch when I was in Amsterdam this summer.

Kiehl's in Hoofstraat
Kiehl's branch in De Bijenkorf

*All images belong to Chanel, Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons.

Log into www.kiehls.com to know the nearest retailer to you.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Month in Instagram

So I figured out since not everyone is on Instagram, I will be doing a weekly feature with some Instagramed shots I took around. But for this time only I am posting some shots from the whole previous month. If you are on Instagram follow me: @nohayoussef

Stationary shopping at Diwan Bookstore, how cool are these?!
 Looking for some new books in Diwan

I love Zamalek so much, I go out there a lot, that why you will find most of the shots were taken in Zamalek. I love walking there and taking snap shoots of old buildings.

 Another day, another bookstore..this time Sufi.

 Visited the Loft my favourite interiors gallery

 Grocery shopping at Gourmet.

 Ah NOLA my addiction, a girl has to spoil herself with cupcakes every now and then, right ?!

Nice window display at NOLA

 Time for some art, stopped by Safar Khan as Ganzeer was displaying his artwork there.

 Dina Maghawry opened at new showroom, details in another post.

 One lazy afternoon, I had work in Amuse in front of Pizza Mia, so went there for a quick bite.

 Asfour ElNil, one of my favourite boutiques in Cairo, detailed post to follow soon.

Tried Bubblicious, the first bubbles tea store in Egypt.

 My strawberry Jasmine iced bubble tea
 I got addicted to Mince Burgers

 My smoked burger: Grilled burger with raspberry jam, smoked cheese and caramelized onions, yummmy.

 I fell down in the street and had to rush to the emergency room, I had an X-ray but am OK now.

My bestie left Cairo to New York, so before she left, we decided to go out and have a very Egyptianized meal at Zooba

My Gifts to my lovely readers.

 Eid dinner with my girlfriends at L'Asiatique restaurant.

 I have something for old elevator.

I thought I lost my newest perfume Valentina by Valentino, but thank God I found it inside my shoes bag, I dunno what it was doing inside there, haha.

That mini Chanel perfume, is my all time companion, I carry it inside my makeup bag all the time.

 Only in Egypt, there will be a place like this :) at na2na2a

 Pinacolada in a mini Kola

 NOLA again, I told you I am addicted.

 Attended the Feminine touch bazaar, at the Marriott hotel, where I was displaying my brand Double Nooun.

 My key chain from my last visit to Rome this summer.