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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ta Marbota's Patterns Mania

Designer Rawan Azhar, the designer behind Ta Marbota has launched her latest collection " Patterns Mania" at Tashkeil gallery. This collection Ta Marbota plays with this season's biggest trend the B&W monochromatic patterns and it is the time for her to start using embroidery. The designer now is taking orders through her Facebook page.

Loved the set up so much , all is done by the great event planner Ghader Ashour.

Loved the monochromatic sandwiches

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Visiting Nana's.....Closet !

Nana's closet is one of the very best local Egyptian brands. Dina Said the designer behind Nana's closet is one of the few designers here who have made it to the London fashion week, and who can effortlessly collide art and fashion together creating limited edition pieces that make the definition wearable art to me becomes clearer.

I first knew about Nana's closet from Nadine Sabry, the blogger behind fashion threads when she wrote about her almost 4 years ago,  after personally meeting Nadine at a fashion event, she advised me to call Dina and visit her inspiring workshop. Taking by her advised I called Dina and took an appointment, Nana's closet workshop is located inside Dina's own Nana's house (Grandmother). I was welcomed by Dina's mum, while Dina was getting dressed, she showed me around, Dina has taken over two room from the huge Zamalek apartment and has turned them into her own atelier. One room is dedicated to cutting, embroidery, and sweing with a punch of some serious looking tailors, working together like bees in a comb. The sunny room is where Dina spend most of her time designing, and meeting her clients.
 I loved every single little detail in that room, it's so inspiring, with fashion books and magazines scattered every where, mannequins and hangers with the beautiful clothes on,  her inspiration wall with all the photos she loved cut from magazines, and finally her antique coffee table where you can always find colorful pretty cakes on. But what caught my attention the most was the white curtains covering the big glass windows, "The bottoms lace trims are cut from my Nana's wedding dress" Dina said to me. Dina's Nana has been her greatest motivator and inspiration, as when she first started she came up with a vintage inspired collection similar to which could be found at her Nana's clothes years ago thus came the name Nana's closet.

the door !

Dina entered the room, while I was chit chatting with her lovely mum about the fashion scene in Egypt, and how the revolution has affected the fashion industry, the thing that made Dina shy to promote her newest winter collection with all the sad incidents happening around us. Dina came to us dressed in a black half leather half suede pants and a statement necklace of her own designs, an off-white sheer shirt and a simple gold belt.  When I asked her why we can't find her designs at boutiques or even on Facebook, she replied: "I don't really like to put photos of my work on Facebook, and get comments like: Do you have my size?! what colours do you have?!, etc.". However Dina prefers to stay exclusive and welcome her clients at her showroom to discuss what suit them best and browse her collection over a cup of tea. She is kind of designer who cares more about fashion more than mass selling.

King Farouk's own buttons, Dina found at an antique shop in Zamalek

Dina is into one colour ensembles

metal details are so in this season

that's one cool jacket

Details, Details, Details

loved the polka dots lining

Nana's closet statement jewellery

Dina Sketching

Lately Dina started to do haute couture, dressing celebrities like Hend Sabry and Dorra, and if it happened that you are at a wedding in Egypt and the bride is with a KILLER wedding gown, it'll be probably designed by Dina Said.