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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Interview with the Blogger, fahionista and designer Alanoud Badr

When someone mentions Dubai fashionistas in front of me, a mental image of Alanoud Badr comes straight to my mind, Alanoudr is may be one of the best dressed ladies in the gulf area, she is a big fashion guru, amazing blogger and talented designer, I personally admire her style and how gorgeous and down to earth she is, her line of sophistcated chic blazers was finally out the last year, those perfectly tailored blazers just hit the Middle East by storm, with the bold shoulder pads, glitters, leather, neon colours, animal print or lace they are designed for daring fashionistas.

This one will go directly on my" to buy list", whenever it will be out, Lady Fozaza 2012 new collection

Ah and this one, love love love
And now will leave you with some few question I asked Alanoud about herself and her new clothing line

Tell us a brief about yourself Alanoud.
My father is Saudi, and my mother is half Lebanese half American. I am truly blessed with the opportunities I had growing up. was greatly influenced by my mother's incredible fashion sense and watching the many extravagant parties she used to throw for her guests walking around the house in gorgeous couture gowns, it wasn't long before I started playing with fashion at the age of 5 years old to a never ending story and love affair with fashion.

How did you start with fashion, and tell us more about your style  ? 
My style has only recently taken its real shape and form.  for years I've been trying to find myself in so many trends and styles and influences, the key is to let your personality shine through the clothes you have on and not the other way around. I can safely say that I am a rock runway chic. mixing and matching high street with brand babies 

What's your favourite Designer of all time ?
 Alexander McQueen is my genius! Karl Lagerfield and John Galliano as well as Vivienne Westwood.
What's your latest buy? 
My latest buy is some funky red snake skin boots with studs from Zadig & Voltaire a brand that represents my true style in so many ways.

What's your biggest extravagance ?
Louboutin shoes!!! endlessly

Shoes or bags?

How many pair of shoes do you own ? 
More than I could count.

What's your favourite city for shopping, and favourite city for a vacation?
New York, L.A and London for shopping, and Paris for vacation, I love that city! 

Tell us about your gorgeous blazers line ? 
Each blazer tells a story of true style and passion... each woman who wears it gets to live out her dream, they are little Divas in the making.. to hold your own and be the woman who can stand tall and proud!

Kim Kardashian sporting a Lady Fozaz blazer, that she fell in love with during her latest trip to Dubai
 How can we get our hands on them, and will it be available in Cairo?
It is curretly available in Kuwait at  the walk in closet boutique and Blush boutique in Bahrain and they are now available in Bloomingdale Dubai with some new exclusive styles to be shown of course they will be available in Saudi soon as well, and hopefully Cairo. 



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