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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Fyunka girl and her plates

Alaa Balky is a young Saudi graphic designer and illustrator. Born in Saudi and raised in Canada, Alaa studied graphic designing in Dar Al Hekma college in Jeddah, she was so passionate about her designs she decided to launch her own brand Fyunka. Fyunka is a pop art concept brand, she started with T.Shirts then turned into bags and purses and then branched into home accessories and now plates. Fyunka has recently collaborated with Aura, the Saudi furniture and home accessories company.
Fyunka by aura is a limited edition collection of dinnerware, which is a delightful combination of both high quality product and unique design. This collaboration came to fruition as part of aura’s continued effort to support and develop the growing local talent amongst the design community of Saudi Arabia.

The concept behind this limited edition Fyunka by aura collection was to create a series of  ‘his and hers’ people-based illustrations for a dinnerware collection, that includes plates, cups, saucers and salt and pepper shakers, exclusively for aura. Each design is different yet they effortlessly connect just like people connecting on dining table, having engaged conversations and exchanging experiences. 

I had the chance to dine with Alaa. We had an amazing dinner catered by the famous Debyazah, served on Fyunka X Aura dinning set. It was a great night and I really did enjoy everything.


Alaa says: “I always wanted to design dinnerware and when aura approached me I thought it was a genius idea to incorporate Fyunka within their products. I’m excited that Fyunka can be appearing on people’s dining tables and starting a conversation – and I’m looking forward to what’s to come with aura.”
Me and Alaa Balkhy
The Fyunka by aura collection, manufactured in Portugal, comes with both female and male designs within one set. You can find it now at Aura store in Red Sea Mall Jeddah.