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I am an Egyptian girl with unhealthy appetite for makeup. clothes, and everything pink and girly.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Frillu X CCCC

Since it's my birthday month, I am celebrating with you my lovely readers for a whole month. So Frillu.com, Egypt's number one accessories online store decided to celebrate with us and give Chanel, Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons.blogspot.com readers a 10% discount on their purchases.

Frillu always has great collection of necklaces, rings, earrings and bangles with very affordable prices, and delivers them to your doorstep. You can order by phone: 01206689969 or through their website: www.Frillu.com or through instagram/frillucairo

At the check out don't forget to insert the promotional code: CCCC to get 10% discount.

Happy Shopping.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Lose weight without Diet or Excersie

So for all of my life I was a sportive girl, my parents made sure to engage me in sports, and I used to dance ballet as well, I was that thin very tall girl all my life, till I had the baby. My problem was weight wasn't the baby weight I lost all the weight  after just two weeks from giving birth. My problem was that when pregnant I was eating very healthy and was trying to eat organic as well, so after delivery I was eating a lot of junk, and was so busy with the baby, and didn't have time to cook healthy, so was ordering food a lot of the time, so I put on few pounds.

Because I never dieted in my whole life, I had no intention of doing so, and going to the gym with a baby, was a bit tough, so I could go only once a week, this problem came to end, when I tried the EFT program for losing weight. To be more correct it is for  releasing the weight, because when you lose the weight you never gain it back.

With EFT program I learned that the problem is in the unconscious mind, it controls more than 90% of over actions, and if you succeeded in controlling it, you can lose weight, gain more money or do a lot of things, you never knew u could do. You know the saying that we use 10% only of our brain capabilities, yes it is true.

The EFT is the emotional free technique. I tried the weight release program, presented by Taller Than A Palm Tree. Taller Than A Palm Tree is the leading self development foundation providing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in Egypt and Dubai.
The sessions are conducted by Myrette El Sokkari, who is a certified AAMET Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and Matrix Re-imprinting coach. She is also a member of the U.S. based Experts Industry Association (EIA). You can go to her office, do the sessions over the phone or through Skype. In 2008 her own illness, healed by alternative medicine, led to an eye and heart opener of what can be achieved by non conventional medicine. It was in searching the net about the Law of Attraction that she discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and from the first astonished moment there was a gravitational pull to find out more. This hunger for more knowledge has led to extensive continuous self and structured study.

The technique is so easy mainly done through tapping and through easy ways to let you control your appetite without even noticing or doing any physical thing. I will write another post to tell you more, as if I started the post will be very long  for you to read ;)

Meanwhile make sure to visit Taller Than Palm Tree page to know more about the program .