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Monday, June 30, 2014

Fashion Forward Day 2

Day two, was so crowded, well of course it should have been, it was the day that Dubai’s beloved Indian designer Essa and Beirut’s sweetheart Rami Al Kadi displaying their collection. Essa’s show was for the trendy party animal girl, as per his own words.  This season was all about colored feathers centered on the waistline, colored faux fur, and colour-block leather coats and skirts. By evening, one of the shows I was waiting for “The Rami Al Kadi show”, me go back to the hotel to change into something fancier. Al Kadi’s Mariyam Fares’s couturier, he has been dressing her for more than couple of years now. Specialized in haute couture and bridal gowns, the theme of the show was inspired by princesses and fairytales, titled “Enchanted Kingdom” , a fairytale story was being narrated before the models emerged into the runaway, keeping everyone excited to see the real princesses of that story. Models were sent to the catwalk with a crown of fresh flowers towering their heads, marching with pastel, gold and brocade fabrics turned into beautiful classic cut yet stunning dresses. The only thing disappointing for me, was that I was expecting to see Miriam Fares, actually I don’t know why, but I felt she will be walking down the catwalk with the finale wedding dress, Mr. Rami, that would have been such a good idea, please consider it for the next show.

 Jumpsuit: Dina Al Beltagy, Shoes: Chanel, Earrings: Beymen, Clutch: Zaam.

 Essa Show

After the show I had sometime so I went to the garden to check on the latest trends and pieces from young local designers.
Two scoopes

Me and fashionista Hadia Ghaleb hands

Egyptian brand Koukla booth

Yasmine Helal founder of Koukla

with Hadia Ghaleb

dark angel :)

 By night, I had to change into something classic to match the theme of the Rami Al Kadi Show.

 My dress is custom made by the beautiful designer Deana Shabaan, I saw the fabric on one of her evening gowns, and I fell in love with it. I went to Deana at her atelier in ABnG and we had talk about the look I want, and she succeeded into transferring the material into a fun but feminine cocktail dress, I paired them with a custom made pearl earrings and a matching hand cuff, and a clear clutch.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Deana Shaaban's Bridal Show

Deana Shaaban is a beautiful, lovely and down to earth girl, whom I personally met few months ago, but since I knew her I felt she is like my sister. She is not just a great designer, she is also a good baker and a loving friend. Who really cares about her clients, listens carefully to them, to simply make their dreams come to reality. I was honoured to be dressed in  Deana Shaaban designs at the Fashion Forward last April ( Will be posting about that tomorrow).

Last Saturday Deana participated in Our Wedding Carnival, which took place at the Semiramis intercontinental. Here is a sneak peek of what happened behind the scenes, till we post more professional photos.

Interview and What's In her bag with Nina Bakry?

The moment I saw Nina Bakry's  ├╝ber gorgeous earring on Instagram, I knew I had to put my hands on it. In a big City like Cairo full of jewelery makers, I started to find it hard for me to find a  piece of jewellery that can blow out my mind. Till someone on my Instagram friends list tagged a photo of that earring am telling you about.

Nina has just started her jewelery line or to be more accurate "Body Jewelery" line. The line is not just about rings, earrings and hand cuffs, she has created some masterpieces to be worn on the upper arms, head,waist and even legs !!!

Last Saturday I visited Nina's workshop.The place reflects Nina's character, it's a mix of oriental kitsch, a unique style that I can weirdly describe as if like Frida Kahlo hangs out in Khan Al Khalili. So here is my interview with Nina, and we also got to know what's inside that pretty blonde's handbag.

 1- Tell us more about Nina, the girl behind that gorgeous line of body accessories.

I’m a lover of all things artistic and innovative. I am drawn to all forms of art and design. I have always had a passion for jewelry making, which led me to regularly visit the jewelry making workshops in Khan El Khalili and learn from the skillful jewelry makers. Recently, I enrolled in the Azza Fahmy Design Studio workshop which gave me more of an in depth know how of the more intricate jewelry making techniques.

2-  How and why did you start your own line?

I have always experimented with different materials. When I finally knew what kind of jewelry designer and maker I wanted to be and what materials best represent who I am, I decided to pursue it as more than a hobby. My line is a result of years of exploration, learning, growing, and settling into my own skin as a designer.

3- We love that when you started, you started big, and set up your own workshop, tell us was that as hard as it seems?

I have a large network of support, my husband, my family, my friends, they all gave me the extra push I needed to go out and get my own studio/workshop space. Once I had that, I knew things were real! I already knew what kind of equipment I would need and had good contacts with suppliers. Yes the move required capital at first, but it was an investment well worth it!

4- What inspires you? I am inspired by anything and everything. I draw inspiration from the world around me, it doesn’t have to be something so obvious, it could be a moment or a feeling. I also love exploring the aesthetic of various cultures. I am intrigued by the visual representation of cultures throughout history. 
5- What materials do you like to work with?I work with precious and semi-precious stones, copper, brass, silver, gold, and enamel.
6- Who are your favorite local / International jewelery designers?I get asked this question a lot , but i don’t have a particular favorite designer; I admire the work of artists across the board, not just in jewelry design. I admire the work of certain fashion designers, filmmakers, painters, and so on.
Nina in action

 7- How can we match accessories to our outfits?
I believe anything you put on your body can tell a story of who you are at that particular moment. Sometimes I choose my jewelry or accessories before I choose and outfit, and create an outfit that would make this piece of jewelry shine and stand out. There is no formula, just follow your gut and don’t pay attention to what the “trends” are or what people are wearing.

8- How can one pick a perfect statement piece of jewelry?
It has to stir an emotion within you. The first time I lay my eyes on a piece of jewelry, I have to feel something. If I don’t, I move on to look at other pieces.

9- Where is the best place to hunt for jewelry?

Of course Khan El Khalili, but the hidden spots, not the obvious tourist spots. There are also several great boutiques and jewelry designers all over Cairo.

10- Other than designing jewelry what else do you love to do?

I love cinema, local and foreign, I love going to art exhibitions, I love spending time with my family and friends. But mostly, I just love being at home.

11- Egypt probably has one of the biggest jewelry making markets, how are you planning to stand out from all the other designers?

I don’t really stress about other designers. I do what I do because I love it. If people like my stuff, then great, it’s a bonus!

 12- Give us some advice on how to care for our accessories.
Always store them separately, in little plastic baggies or in those sacs you get from the silversmith’s. When you are buying jewelry, ask the shop about the materials used, and how you can best care for them. 
13- How can people reach you?
My Instagram account is Nina Bakry Body Jewelry (@nina_bakry); people can reach me through the comments section. I can also be reached on Facebook at Nina Bakry Body Jewelry.
14- Future plans?
Just to keep doing what I love, and to always enjoy it!
15- So what does Nina have inside her bag?
She carries Hermes Evelyn, inside she has her YSL wallet, Dolce & Gabbana glasses, car keys, her notebook, Fendi makeup purse, with Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer, Bobbi Brown art stick lipstick, Lancome mascara, Cath Kidston hand lotion, and Chanel beauty mist.