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Friday, August 30, 2013

Giveaway with Boho Sharky

I don't think there is a trendy urban girl in Egypt, who like to own unique locally produced clothing pieces, who hasn't heard of Boho Sharky. This Summer Boho Sharky is all about Arabesque… The oriental patterns were drawn from old buildings, Mosques, tiles & rugs and then injected to the collection with an innovative touch, Taking an Arabesque approach to motifs like the Skull, Peace Sign & key, while combining the hand of Fatima & Evil eye with the Arabesque motifs resulted in outstanding designs.

Today Chanel, Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons has collaborated with Boho Sharky to celebrate their third anniversary  bring you a new giveaway. Boho Sharky is presenting to the blog reader an outstanding earrings, that's one of my personal picks from their latest collection.

All you have to do to win these beautiful earrings is to follow

Boho Sharky on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/BOHOSHARKY
Twitter: @bohosharky

And Follow Chanel, Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CHANELCUPCAKECAMERCRAYON
Twitter: @nooun
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nohayoussef

Change your Facebook account: say I have entered a giveaway to win @Boho Sharky earrings with @Chanel, Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons blog. Don't forget to tag both Boho and the blog, so we can see you have participated.
Leave a comment here with your name and email.
Winner has to be Cairo resident or has someone in Cairo who can pick the gift for them.

The Giveaway will last only for three days, yeah it's a short but sweet giveaway.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Scent of Summer

They say you like a specific perfume because its scent reminds you of certain memories, or good incidents that when you smell a certain note your brain automatically relates and creates a state of happiness. And that exactly what happens to me when I first smelt CK One Summer the newest perfume.

I was planning to write this review a month ago, but with what was happening in the region I stopped blogging for a while, but today I wake up and sprayed this gorgeous perfume and it put me in a great happy mode all day, so that why I wanted to share with you my opinion on this perfume.

The Calvin Klein one summer perfume bottle is turquoise blue with some effects on the bottle to make you feel it's dewy, I loved the packaging really so summerish. As I said the moment I smelt it it reminded me of spending summer in Italy and Greece, relaxing on the pure blue Mediterranean sea, having a seafood lunch, ,having a cold ice cream after by the allies of Rome, riding a Vespa , or sipping on refreshing fresh juice by a beach bar in Santorini. Yeah this perfume had the effect to make you feel refreshed and energized like you have just came from a long summer vacation.

It's a uni-sex perfume as do all of the CK one perfumes, it has a citrusy and flowery notes, so fresh so young and again so summery.

Have you smelt this one before, if you did or if you have it, tell me what does it remind you of ?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A taste of Home at Leila's

I was in a long trip touring the continent of Australia, I admit I had a delish trip in term of food, especially in Melbourne, as it's well known of her good food, but all that time away from home I didn't have a warm Arabian food, going back to Dubai, I had to meet a lot of friends over lunches and dinners in international restaurants none of them served oriental food. One day I really felt nostalgic, nostalgic for home and for some warm oriental food, so I headed to one of my favourite restaurant ever Leila's Restaurant. You may have read my previous posts about this fantastic place READ HERE and HERE, I really like it, it makes me feel I am home, although I am Egyptian but the Lebanese food is not really foreign to us or to any family in Egypt and the gulf, and especially Leila's food is so homey so you literally feel like you old grandma with Lebanese roots is cooking you dinner. So just by stepping into Leila the boulevard I heard Abdel Halim's voice singing, and the yummy smell of the grill...I knew then I was at the right place. I don't smoke Shisha, so I chose to sit indoors, but if you smoke sit outside and have a very nice view of the streets outside and the boulevard area.

I was welcomed by two super friendly waiters, who served me with a smile all the time and we very helpful without even knowing I was reviewing the restaurant.

I started with stuffed vine leaves an all time favourite with chicken liver and Hummus, followed by a mix grill main dish (Mashawy) and for drinks I had one of their signature fresh lemon mint. The appetizers was mouthwatering, and the chicken liver was soft and marinated to perfection. The mixed grill platter was a festive for my taste buds, so juicy and tasty. I wished I had a room for my favourite dessert their the Ghazl Beirut which is cotton candy with rose water ice-cream yummmy.

If you ever in Dubai, Egypt or Lebanon make sure to stop by Leila for lunch or dinner.

Your biggest dream will come true with Kaya Clinic

You know this is funny post that keep on circulating among social media " Everyone thing a girl is dream is to find the right guy, but the truth is every girl wants to eat without gaining weight", mmm I will correct this to every girl want to get rid of excess body hair without pain, right girls ? I know this is probably one of the most of the painful things about being a girl, after birth labor of course.

To be honest all the traditional and even the new modern ways of hair removal are painful and temporary, and their effect will last to max. 3-4 weeks if you are not that hairy. Laser treatments are the best way to remove hair for good, the problem is that they are really painful, even painful than the traditional ways, that the only reason that made me go try the IPL hair removal, which is light not laser. I did 5 session and to be honest it was a complete loss of money. That why I was head over heels when I learnt more about Kaya Skin Clinic, as they are the only ones in the region to have the 100% pain free laser machine. I was invited to try the machine myself, I was worried at the beginning as my pain threshold is too low I can't stand pain at all, and I was afraid to still feel pain, but I swear I didn't feel anything at all, not even a tickle. A dermatologist is there for you at the session to give you sort of relief, and ask any question you may have. 

Unlike IPL treatments, Laser is very effective it takes from 6-10 session according to how much hair do you have, each session should be separated with at least a whole month, it's very safe, and helps you get rid of any darkness or spots you had before.

I really loved Kaya skin clinic, that I booked another session, and was happy to know more about their other services like body contouring and shaping service that I will try soon myself and will let you know about it too.

The sweet dermatologists at Kaya Clinc offered to answer 10 of my beautiful readers' skin problems questions, if you want to ask about anything, email me on:  nohaashrafyoussef@gmail.com

Sign up now at their website for 50% off on consultation: www.kayaskinclinic.me
and follow them on twitter: @Kayaarabia