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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brunch With Clinique

It was a perfect Wednesday afternoon, that I headed to Jeddah's most relaxing spas The Spa Lounge to attend Clinique's lovely brunch. I don't how many times I have mentioned before in my posts that I love Clinique, it did play a huge part in attracting me to the beauty world, as it was the first brand ever I tried when I decided long years ago it was time to stop using the teenage drug store beauty products and start using sophosticated high end brand as beautiful older ladies use.

I remember asking my mum, to buy me my first clinique cleanser that I still use to our day, along with the other 3 Steps routine.  And for three years now I have never skipped a day without using my Clinique pore minimize cream. So as you can see how Clinique is involved in my everyday life, that why I was so excited to attend their beauty event.

Signing my name with the famous Chubby lipstick

I had a one to one beauty consultancy session with Clinique's certified skincare consultant, whom examined my skin and advised on the products I should be using, the same service you can get at Clinique counters worldwide, where you can get all the help and consultation you may need.

Me with the beautiful Ms Shari the brand manager,and the beautiful Ms Meral PR manager of Clinique

Thank you Clinique for inviting me to this beautiful event, and can't wait to post my experience with my beauty life companion the dramatically different moisturizing lotion.

Check Clinique's website www.clinique.com to know more about their newest products and to know where is the closest branch to you.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Isabel Marant for H&M little adventure

November 17th was the day that Isabel Marant for H&M collection hit the city I am staying at, at the moment which is beautiful Jeddah. So as it's well known for the days of the H&M collaboration collections release to be women's world war days, I have agreed with my some of my fellow bloggers to go to the mall at exactly 8 am so we can get handful on the new collection. Waking up at 7 am is not really my thing, so I overslept and missed the 8 am attack, but I was sober and ready to conquer at the 10 am attack. Unfortunately the jacket I was dying to get didn't come to Jeddah. But thankfully I was able to get some cool pieces.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dream Whip's Make a Wish Come True

In association with “Kolona Montigoun”, The official Jeddah Chamber of Commerce project -which always supports and empower productive families in Saudi Arabia- has organized a cooking competition. The Dream Whip campaign from the house of Mondelēz International (formerly known as Kraft Foods) officials of JCCI  picked  only four contestant, and have invited them along with their families and members of the media at a ceremonial event to celebrate their success. 

The winner of this campaign  Ms. Noha Noor Fadul was decided at a bake off session among four other shortlisted finalists. Ms. Noha was declared a clear winner based on her unique recipe and the jury’s decision. She won a sum of 5000 dollars to proceed with her dream. Based on the public voting, the remaining 3 shortlisted finalists were considered as winners as well, and received a prize money of USD 1000 each , the prize was presented by Dream whip to aid their dessert making wishes. The four shortlisted candidates were invited to an on-ground competition for a final evaluation at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce premises, where they prepared desserts to impress the judging committee comprising of Chef. Soumaya Al Idrissi and Chef. Ohood Sohail, who rated the candidates’ skills in baking, creativity and uniqueness of their recipes. 


The campaign was hosted on the Dream Whip facebook page www.facebook.com/DreamWhipArabia for two months. For each vote on Dream Whip Facebook page, Dream Whip set aside SAR. 1/- that was used to aid the accomplishment of the women’s wishes in addition to a cash prize for the main winner.

Dream Whip is one of the brands of Mondelēz International with a long legacy in the GCC region. It is the first choice for consumers to enhance their desserts with its snow white cream. The prepared Dream Whip cream is used to decorate all kinds of desserts such as cakes, jelly, crème caramel, milkshakes and many more.


10 Must Follow Egyptian Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a very big thing now, no wait Instagram is a HUGE thing, so sorry Facebook but Instagram has successfully stolen all of your charms. Instgram is more easy to use and make people feel closer to each other than Facebook. Now you can see what your favourite star will be wearing to her date, what's your fav. footballer's closet looks like or even his bathroom. It has lifted some boundaries especially between celebrities and their fans. Of course like everything it does have its pros and its cons.
So now you tell me who you follow I will tell you who you are, or at least what your interests are.

As an Egyptian living half of my year in Cairo and the other half  I spend roaming around the Middle East, I have noticed that Instagram usage is bigger in the GCC way more than Egypt, probably because the GCC is usually with more purchasing power so everyone was into smart phone before the Egyptians did. And sadly Instagram is only a phone/tablet application, it can't be used from the PC (Just to view photos not to upload)

I have also noticed that there are so many great accounts over there in Egypt, which have unbelievably amazing content but don't have the required attention, so I decided to list some of my favourite Instagram accounts, and introduce them to you in this post. There will be people you already knew and follow, some other will be the first time to hear about, but surely all of these 10 accounts are worth following.

1- Azza Fahmy: www.instagram.com/azzafahmy

The best and greatest Egyptian jewelry designer of all the time. Azza Fahmy Instagram takes us around her workshop, factory, galleries, trips and inspirations. Each piece of her timeless jewelry tells a different Egyptian story of it own.

The account is updated daily by photos of the latest collections and with photos of people rocking Azza Fahmy jewelry. If you own one of her beautiful pieces, snap a photo of it, instagram it -yeah it is a verb now :)- and use the hashtag #YOUxUS

2- Karim El Haywan: www.instagram.com/Karimelhayawan

So whenever I feel homesick, I just open Karim El Haywan's Instagram page, and browse his exceptionally beautiful photo, which he takes on daily basis for Egypt, Karim is an architecture with an excellent taste and great photography skills, he roams around Cairo taking very unique shots of old buildings, authentic people. local markets. He can see and capture the beauty in everything around the busy city, even inside the poor neighborhood and squatters,Karim never fails to capture amazing photos.

3- Aliaa Elessiely: www.instagram.com/aliaaelessiely

A beautiful Egyptian girl with fanatstic taste, and sense of style. Aliaa has a fabaolous wardrobe and like to dress up and take photos around the city. She is also a stylist,makeup artist and personal shopper. I will be soon posting an interview with Aliaa, and we will also get to know what's inside her bag. So wait for it.

4- Amina K. www.instagram.com/Aminak_Egypt

Amina is simply my favourite ready to wear young Egyptian designer. Her designs are always modern and trendy yet she always succeed in blending in modernity with the genuine Egyptian heritage. Also watch out for an exclusive interview to be posted very soon.

5- Winne Detwa: www.instagram.com/winniedetwa

Winne is a very famous Egyptian/American fashion blogger living in New York. She has a simple yet very chic taste in fashion,and recently has decided to wear the Islamic veil, so veiled girls make sure you are following her to get inspired because I can tell she can put very fashionable outfits.

6- Ines Gohar: www.instagram.com/inesgohar

Ines is the fashion buyer for Cairo's biggest luxurious department store Beymen. Follow Ines around her fashion buying trips across the fashion capitals. Ines is simply the one who decides who La cream de la cream of the Egyptian society will be wearing for the upcoming season.

7- Cairo Street Style: www.instagram.com/cairostreetstyle

A cute account the re-posts looks for Egyptian and Arabian fashionistas. If you want to get featured mention them at your coming outfit post, and if they think it cool enough they will repost it. My only concern about this account is I think they should focus only on re-posting looks from Egypt only.

8- Maha Abdel Rasheed: www.instagram.com/maharasheed

Maha is originally an Alexandrian girl but living in Dubai. The Dubai sweatheart owns Bambah, the biggest and coolest vintage store in Dubai and the Middle East. Bambah is my favourite vintage store ever, I can go and spend hours there,  just looking at the beautiful setup and the finely picked vintage clothing and accessories. Maha has a very different taste, she travels to handpick pieces for her boutique. Her brother Hussien owns the shop next door The ZooConcept, which is a very funky concept store, located just in front of the Dubai Zoo, make sure to visit if you are in Dubai.

Will be posting very soon a special post about both stores.

9- Yasmine Yeya: www.instagram.com/maisonyeya

Yasmine Yeya is Egypt's finest wedding dresses couturier. I have been following Yasmine since she was a student in Mission Fashion TV program which used to run on LBC, it was a very popular show back in 2002 or 2003 I can't really remember. Where Ellie Saab himself used to be one of the instructors and judges in that program. Yasmine designs weddings gowns that I have never ever seen like before, she has unbelievable taste, and impeccable signature. I think just looking through her Instagram will make you want to marry.

8- Noha Youssef: www.instagram.com/Nohayoussef

Yeah me :) Follow me, Why ? Because I think I have a pretty cool account, hahaha, no really I just love to take photo for everything around me. You will find very random photos, some are from my travels, some are from the fashion and beauty events I attend, some are for my personal style, and some are for the food I cook or have out.

11- Omar Samra: www.instagram.com/omarsamra

Egypt's famous mountain climber and our own hero. Follow Omar around the universe, as he climbs different mountain every now and then ,and travels to exotic places. He has such a fabulous gallery full of adrenaline and beautiful scenery.

I hope you liked my 10 picks, these account are from my personal favourite that I check very often, next time I will be telling you about my 10 favourite accounts from Kuwait.

So if you know someone or have a favourite account you like to check, leave a message for me below tell me about it.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What's in her bag?! And a Mini Interview with Ayah Tabari

It's very hard now to get into a fashionable party or event in Dubai or the GCC without spotting a trendy girl in Mochi statement piece,whether was it a skirt, a pair of hot shorts,a clutch or even a turban. Mochi has taken the Middle East by storm. For months I was dying to get my hands on some hot Mochi pieces, so when I was in Dubai I took the chance and went to meet the very lovely lady behind Mochi, Ayah Tabri. Aya is a very beautiful down to earth person, she showed me around the room she keeps all Mochi pieces in,I had the chance to see the whole collection, and got an exclusive sneak peek of her newest Thailand collection. I also had a chance to get to see what's inside Ayah's mini Dior bag, shop from here big colorful collection, and ask her a few questions.

Ayah in Fashion Forward Event

Tell us more about yourself ? 
I have more of a business background but I always found myself intrigued with the whole fashion industry, I really look up to my sisters and my mother, they all have such amazing style and growing up I would always be influenced by everything they wore and the way they put outfits together. They were a huge part of my inspiration behind Mochi

Mochi collection at the Tabari's residence

Tell us more about line, and how did you start it?
I love travelling, my first collection was inspired by Jaipur. When I was there i just wanted to help the community which is why i produced everything there, it's such a beautiful place and really eye opening. 

- How do you see the fashion scene in the Emirates and how it is different than any other country ? 
 I feel a lot of people in the region have a great understanding of fashion, the industry is growing day by day and I'm happy to be apart of it all. We are now lucky to have platforms such as Fashion Forward and The Dubai Design District which will really help emerging designers within the region.

- Which piece took you the longest time and effort to design? 
They probably all took the same amount of time, my favourite piece has to be the crop top and skirt, I wasn't sure how people would react towards it but it seems to be everyone's favourite!

- What was the public reaction to your first collection? 
Everyone's reaction was great, the brand grew so quickly and Mochi became something everyone wanted to wear and there's nothing I love more than seeing someone wearing my pieces.

- How do you describe your own style and how it reflects to your collections? 
I normally dress for my mood so everyday it's different. I have so many different pieces within my collections so sometimes I'll wake up and want to be a girly girl for the day so i'll put on the crop top and skirt, other days I'll wear a Mochi jacket with a tee and my favourite pair of shorts.

Mochi's Thailand inspiration

- Which celebrity or socialite do you wanna see rocking your designs one day ?
 Nicole Richie, I love her style - she can pull anything off. I would absolutely love to see her in my pieces one day, I think she'd look amazing in them!

- How can we buy your designs?
I'll be launching my website soon but for now you can shop them in Sauce in Dubai, Cream in Jeddah and The Yard in Kuwait.

- Any future plans you wanna share with us?
  I'm launching my Thailand collection really soon, the rest you'll just have to wait and see! 

So let's get into Ayah's mini Dior bag.

Ayah always carries a mini colorful notebook.

A Bottega Venetta wallet,which was a gift.

Her Mochi makeup pouch, Ayah's makeup is MAC, Dior and L'Oreal.