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Monday, August 13, 2012

Azza Fahmy bags by Rania Teymour

After the last season huge success of the collaborated collection between designer Rania Teymour and Azza Fahmy, the teamed up together again and created another fabulous bags collection, but this time they have added  passport, card and pen holders.
The bags, produced with Azza Fahmy Jewellery, come in a multitude of color tones- like burnt orange, olive-green, and beige. The bags are rendered in materials like Snake-skin, Fish-skin, Suede and Wood. They're lined in beautifully contrasting colors and textures, living up to the Azza Fahmy Jewellery detailing techniques.

"Admittedly, the wooden clutches are the piece-de-resistance for this season's compilation" says Rania Teymour.

Above are the classic clutch bags inspired by the shape of an upside- down Palm tree, adorned with a signature Azza Fahmy charm of colorful stone beads.

AMAZONIA and MASHRABEYA wooden bags!

Card Holders, with Azza Fahmy jeweller safety for the carrier’ ‘.لصاحبه السلامة’
‘Happiness’ ‘.سعادة’

Rania Teymour

My Favourite Perfume Commercials

Television commercials have become a virtually forgotten form of advertising. Really, who has time to sit through commercials, while they can YouTube their favourite shows, but to be honest I am so old school, and love watching T.V ads more than seeing them on a magazine or on a blog.
 I love perfume commercials, they are short,  funny and catchy. I agree that sometimes they can be ridiculous, but I appreciate the ones, which make me feel like virtually smelling the perfume whilst resting on my velvet couch.

My 1st favourite is Miss Dior, by Sophia Coppola. This one simplifies my life, or  to be more accurate how I want my life to be, cupcakes, gateaux, macarons, dresses, Bridgette Bardot songs,  pinks, vogue, balloons, bicycles and Paris.

My Second favourite commercial was also shot in Paris. Lancome by Kate Winslet, that's the most romantic thing I ever saw, I cry every time I see it. It should have won something like the Oscars of the TV commercials :)

Ironically enough, I don't like the smell of both perfumes, but will share with you my favourite scents later in another blog post. What's your favourite perfume ?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cairo Shopping Guide: Amuse

Ramadan has rolled in very fast, and we are just a week away from Eid, Can you guys believe this ?!
As sad we are that Ramadan is approaching its end, we are happy that the Eid Shopping season has just began. I went out to do some pre-Eid shopping in Cairo and I will be reporting out which stores I liked the most. The first place I went to was Amuse, Cairo's best concept boutique. Their collection is a fine mix of the trendiest local and international talents, what I loved about the store is that they have a lot of stuff that you can't find anywhere else in the city.

Ramadan Decorations at Amuse

They have every single design for Havainas, loved that

The Satchel wait is over for me, they have all the colours and sizes

They also stock Pamela Sfeir Tees, my favourite statement tees ever.

the perfect decoration piece for such a cool store, our Egyptian flag

Boho Candles, another Egyptian brand

they have all the By Lisa collection as well

French designer Shorouk collection is available there

Got this "for the love of" bracelet

Amuse is right in front of Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, 15 Ismail Mohamed street, Borg Jeddah.

All images belong to Chanel, Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons blog.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Iftar with the Girls at Tamara

Ten days ago, I gathered with four of my girlfriend, whom I didn't see for almost a year for Iftar, at the newly opened restaurant in City Stars "Tamara Lebanese Bistro" . Tamara is like a precious gem found at the corners of the crowded mall. It's so different than the dinning scene there, and I guess it's exactly what the mall needed a beautiful place to have a decent lunch or dinner at. The theme there is modern Beirut, with white arabesque windows and oriental patterned chairs and couches, mixed with vibrant coloured cushions. Their Iftar was a set menu based, consisting of soup of your choice, two salad dishes "were big enough for the 5 of us to share", okra and rice and the main dish of mixed grills. followed by dessert of your choice. We were really impressed by the quality and the taste of food, the friendly service, however I felt the waiters were a little overwhelmed from having a full house that day, but it was completely fine, taking in consideration they have just opened less than one month ago. I don't smoke but they also have Shisha if you are interested. :)

Live cooking station in the middle of the restaurant

Freshly baked bread, right in front of us

We changed our table, so we can watch the game between Egypt and Brazil

Ghazl Beirut


What we wore ?!

Noha H. is always simple and super chic, She carried the perfect Burberry bag, TAG Heure watch and a diamond bracelet. 

Dina N.  looked great carrying a beautiful patent crocodile skin tote and  MontBlanc watch

 Aliaa  rocked a smart casual look, and made sure her Longchamp bag matched her look.

 Dina F. is a patriotic, a rebel and a revolutionist girl, so she made sure her outfit was a reflection to what she believes in "Egypt", that why she chose to support local talents, you can see that, from her choice of the ring, the scarf, the shoes and bag.

Me mixing my favourite colours for this season coral and mint, Jeans: Mango, Bag and Sandals: Suite Blanco Barcelona. and wearing my favourite arm candy of the moment, my Michael Kors rose gold watch and Juicy couture bracelet.