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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Max Factor's Crème Puff

This year marks the 60th anniversary of a true beauty icon – Max Factor’s Crème Puff, the classic all-in-one compact powder for any occasion. To celebrate this milestone, Max Factor, ‘the make-up of make-up artists’, has re-launched the product with a golden new look. Beaming of elegance in a new golden case, Crème Puff is a medium to high coverage powder, which promises a radiant, luminous and flawless finish. A multi-tasker, it can be used over moisturizer, foundation or as an all-in-one make-up item.

While Crème Puff now features brand new golden packaging, the product’s revolutionary formula is still very much the same. Its remarkable light-reflecting particles create a soft, subtle glow and hide imperfections for an instantly radiant and perfectly even finish. The product’s groundbreaking legendary fragrance, reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, has also remained intact.

Crème Puff was first introduced in 1953 for gorgeous film stars to hide their spots and imperfections. It was the first all-in-one blend of creamy make-up base and powder. And, as soon as the must-have product hit the market more than six decades ago, it took Hollywood by storm, offering the industry’s most glamorous stars immaculate coverage, a luminous glow and a radiant, even finish.

Throughout the century, he combined science and make-up artistry to create market-leading, iconic products, such as the brand’s Crème Puff, empowering any woman to be glamorous if given the right tools and skills. Today, Max Factor’s pioneering glamour vision continues to be brought to life through the work of Max Factor’s Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath, and Max Factor’s global network of make-up artists.

“Creme Puff has the original vintage smell that is so unique in today's cosmetics industry,” said Joelle Mardinian, Max Factor Regional Creative Director. “What I love about this iconic powder is the lightness of it - yet still it gives a flawless finish to any make-up look, while still keeping the radiance of the skin and adding light to the face. It comes in amazing shades, and the light texture is good enough to also apply over concealer, without making it look cakey.”

Max Factor’s new iconic Crème Puff is available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bracelets For A Cause

 I know very well that we girls love so much to shop and spend almost all of our salaries or allowance on clothes, shoes and accessories. I know a lot of girls including myself who wants to give away some money to charity but unwisely spend up all of their money shopping. 

So when I read that there are some fashionable bracelets that you can get with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. I just wanted to know more about this initiative. "Bracelets For A Cause" started by Joumana Sharaf, a young Egyptian girl who loves her country and wants to help as much as she could. So she contributed with some other amazing people as Hoda Enan of HE designs, who does all the graphic designing for free, and with the Urgent advertising who does all the printing for free as well, creating a lovely brand that serves society and help raise the nearness for certain causes, that may be forgotten by others.

 The idea is simple, basically there are four kinds of bracelet. Every bracelet goes to a specific charity, so by buying that specific bracelet you would be donating to that specific charity and you would be raising awareness for your preferred cause. 

The bracelets are all words, They chose the words that they felt that would align best with the specified cause. So love=heart, mercy=animals, smile=orphans,hope=cancer and so on.

 They donate to Magdy Yagoub Organization, orphans via Mashrou3 Al Khier, Animal via Spare Egypt, And different cancer treatment institution. 

The bracelets are ONLY 100 L.E each, but you of course free to buy as much as you, as the proceeds will go to charity, so as the more you pay the more you will be giving to charity, as again ALL THE PROCEEDS goes to charity.

 They are still working on more causes and points of sale. They are selling at Concept store 50A, Frillu.com and soon at Boho and many more. They also takes orders through their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/braceletsforacause ,and they deliver to Alexandria too.

I have been spotting some of the cream of the cream of the Egyptian society, and some hot Egyptian fashionistas rocking Bracelets For A Cause. Everyone wants a bracelet and there are so many orders taking place daily, that thing  that makes me happy. 

I encourage you please take a moment to visit this great and amazing page https://www.facebook.com/braceletsforacause and learn more about how they are helping the Egyptian society. And please go buy a chic bracelet for yourself. You don't know how much your 100 L.E will be doing, to a poor soul in need.

I can't wait till I get mine, and I am getting all of them, they are really are so cute.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A One Fine Dubai Art Night

Art lovers in Dubai finally have a reason to rejoice. On January 29th, from 7, four spectacular shows will open to the public in Al Quoz, creating one large arena for all things art. Enthusiasts can indulge in cultural affair, enjoying the unique opening exhibitions showcasing different themes using various artistic styles and techniques. From the socio-political matters flooding the streets of Egypt to the unexpected “traumatic” exposure to reality, these exhibitions will intrigue and challenge the cultural mind.

Etemad Gallery presents “A Woman’s Face in the Crowd”, an exhibition by Mohammad Reza Sharifzadeh from 29 January - 13 March 2014.
This collection is a composition of digital photography, paintings and calligraphy. Reflecting on the history of art in Iran, certain subjects were banned from pubic display. In accordance with the same mental and symbolic approach, it continues to show images of women informing the social sphere of contemporary Iran or being informed by it. Even though being manipulated or limited, the images are effective.

For more info: +971 4 347 0909 / info@galleryetemad.com
Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), Al Quoz 1,
Street 4B (Between Times Square Centre and Al Tayer Motors)
The Courtyard Building

Gallery ward presents “The Hive,” a solo exhibition by Ahmed Kassim, from 29 January – 7 March 2014.
The Hive will feature a series of commissioned artwork by the contemporary Egyptian artist Ahmed Kassim. This exhibition will feature the unique satirical style used in his vibrant canvas paintings reflecting the socio-political culture in Egypt today.
Typically a hive is a metaphor for a very tightly packed group of cells. They tend to be densely populated and swarming with activity. In this exhibition, the curator brings forth the idea of the hive as a metaphor for everyday life, within a given physical space, over a period of time. The artist, Ahmed Kassim has therefore created a specially commissioned series of acrylic on canvas paintings with his personal culturally specific interpretation of this highly charged concept.
For more Information: +9714 3883204/ www.galleryward.com
AL Quoz district Street. 6,
Next to The Courtyard
Interchange 1, Al Manara,

Khak Gallery presents “Trauma”, a sculpture and installation exhibition by Mahsa Karimizadeh from 29 January - 25 February, 2014.
In one sense, ‘Trauma’ means ‘wound’ in Greek, and in another sense, it means being suddenly and unexpectedly exposed to reality. A reference to the past or to events that act as stations of accentuation and a phenomenon that abruptly comes to a person’s notice, can give birth to trauma. Mahsa Karimizadeh from Shiraz, Iran, has created an eclectic body of work, ranging from sculptures to installations and paintings. Her work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad and has been represented by Khak Gallery for several years. 

For more Information: +971 5 69750544/ info@khakgallery.com
Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), Al Quoz 1,
Street 4B (Between Times Square Centre and Al Tayer Motors)
The Courtyard Building

Total Arts presents “Khor Dubai”, a nominated site for the world heritage, from 29 January – 20 February, 2014.
Total Arts in association with Architectural Heritage Society of UAE and Dubai Municipality present an exhibition and lecture outlining different aspects of life along the Dubai Creek, from the early 20th century to the modern days. The transition phase, changes in the use of Khor, modernization and decadence; as well as contemporary uses, persistence and evolution of tradition. Mr. Rashad M. Bukhash, Director of Architectural Heritage Department, Dubai Municipality, and Chairman of Architectural Heritage Society of UAE, will carry out the lecture the same evening.
For more information: +971 4 347 5050 / totalart@courtyard-uae.com
Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), Al Quoz 1,
Street 4B (Between Times Square Centre and Al Tayer Motors)
The Courtyard Building

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Destination Zanzibar " more than sun, sand and sea”

It's just shame that we have such a jewel like Zanzibar, that only few of us know about it, and even fewer who have visited it. Zanzibar is simply a piece of heavean located in the east of Africa overlooking the Indian ocean. It's so beautiful with amazing waters and nature. And despite being one of the most romantic and honeymooners destination of the world, Zanzibar yet has a lot to offer more than the fantastic beach activities. The city is full of culture, activities, wild animals and hidden gems to explore.

With luxurious resorts and prestigious hotels opening I can see a lot of people I know packing there bags and heading to Zanzibar, it made me jealous and I want to go there myself, to explore all of this magical city has to offer.

At the same time there is a huge campaign  launching, to promote Tourism in Zanzibar, especially at the Gulf area. So In a bid to develop it as one of a kind destination on the Indian Ocean, a new promotional drive involving the public and private sector has been launched to lift up Destination Zanzibar “as more than sun, sand and sea”.  Destination Zanzibar a campaign to promote the islands will kick off its campaign in the Gulf, a region that has not been adequately tapped into in the past. Endorsed by The Ministry of Information, Culture, Tourism & Sports of Zanzibar as well as the Zanzibar Commission, the drive was announced at a Tourism Networking Forum held at The Seyyida, a boutique hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Supported by The President’s Office, State House and Good Governance, Diaspora Office, the forum was attended by Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI), the Zanzibar Association Tour Operators (ZATO) and other tourism stakeholders.

Ms Hafsa Mbamba founder of Grassroots Traveller spearheading "Destination Zanzibar" drive explained that the event offered an opportunity for the local tourism industry from the private and government sectors, to meet with reputable travel stakeholders and related press. “The forum was created to purposely cater for local tourism stakeholders to network and showcase their products and services. Destination Zanzibar functions to help businesses thrive in a competitive tourism market by offering strategic trade solutions,” said Ms Mbamba.
“Zanzibar has so much more to offer beyond just the beach - from authentic, off the beaten track to eco-friendly experiences, Destination Zanzibar makes visible what the islands have to offer for the visitors to explore! With the recently amended Tourism Policy Act, now focusing on “Tourism for All”, we want to cater for both the host and the visitors. Zanzibar is globally known as an idyllic beach destination, it is a paradise for the ocean lovers and for those looking to enjoy the tropical weather. However, Zanzibar is renowned for various other reasons like trade, history, culture and more" explained Ms Hafsa Mbamba.
Ms Nell Hamilton, founder of Sustainable East Africa, highlighted how a “Sustainable Zanzibar” is possible and currently in action. Ms Hamilton emphasized how her organization works closely with the private sector and local NGOs to achieve the goal for Sustainable East Africa and how it
encourages others to achieve holistic results, building constructive frameworks and empowering those in need of such services. 

 "This forum works as a stepping-stone to penetrate new markets, targeting the Gulf region specifically as our first market. We have chosen this region because it hasn’t been tapped into yet and the market is ideal to promote Zanzibar, " said Mbamba. 
Destination Zanzibar’s Tourism Networking Forum attracted some of the island’s front liners in tourism promotion including Chumbe Island, Safari Blue, Jahazi Literary & Jazz Festival, Kawa Training Center, Mtoni Palace Conservation Project. The event was sponsored by The Seyyida Hotel, Zanzibar Unique, tour operating company, ZD Printers, Rahim Saggaf , Creative Design, Maji Tu, exclusive Zanzibar water company and several others who shared their success stories during the forum.
Destination Zanzibar aims to re-invent Zanzibar and make it a Sustainable Tourism friendly destination through events and experiences. "People tend to catch things much quicker through personal experiences. For us to ensure that we have a more holistic industry we must share the piece of the cake with as many stakeholders as possible" concluded Ms Mbamba.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Louboutin Party

Last month I was invited to an exclusive private party in Jeddah for the preview of the latest and the Bespoke collection of the great Christian Louboutin, The event was hosted by big fashionista Mrs. Iman Linjawi at her mansion, and was organized by Niche Arabia.

The event was a night to remember, with a french themed manifique catering from Kalilah Bakery the night looked like one of Marie Antoinette lavish tea parties. And with beautiful flowers and candles scattered around the fabolous one of kind french soles of Monsieur Louboutin shoes, made the night a memorable one.

Me and Bayan Abouzinada

All of the above photos are shoot by photographer: Noha Dahlawi,  follow her on Instagram: noha_dahlawi

"Sabry Marouf Launches Isis 14 Collection"

Cairo based fashion jewelry brand SABRY MAROUF is pleased to announce the launch of a highly coveted, limitedpiece collection during Cairoʼ Fashion Night on January 18th, 2014. Entitled ISIS, Sabry and Marouf pay homageto their Ancient Egyptian heritage with a contemporary approach. The collection is the third chapter to their Armure series of high-fashion costume jewelry, what S&M refer to as “an ongoing creative excavation”to commemorate the occasion S&M are collaborating with sound artist Bosaina, who will be performing an a sound scape entitled ISIS14 during the inaugural VIP night on the 17th of January with a digital format to be released later.Using her particular brand of Ambient Electronica, Bosaina will be encompassing a range of practice including live instrumentation, sound design & mixing as she embodies the goddess on an intergalactic search for her lost love. Bosaina describes the experience as being raw “I was inspired by Sabry  Marouf"s early storyboards for the collection. we share a similar method of sculpting from rawness into futuristic form, so I chose my sounds based on their timbral qualities, for example, transforming water from a rhythmic first section into a metallic sound for Isis
voice lamenting her lovers death later on in the piece. Of course, these are all ideas I've been playing around with what will actually happen is up to the audience and their engagement. Iʼm inviting them to pause and listen, for Isis to resolve” Keeping to its trilogy, ISIS is a collection of synthesis between past and future in that it attempts to subvert the stereotypical image of the mythical muse that is Isis. “We chose to focus on Isis as the Patron of nature and magic, more specifically exploring the enchantress side to her persona. This mystical aspect of her is what really inspired us in designing the collection, imagining her own world and the artifacts she is clad in this goddess of future-past.”
Headed by designer duo Ahmed Sabry and Daki Marouf, SABRY MAROUF positions itself as a brand and culture at the intersection of Art & Fashion. And with a tour de force of pushing the envelope of fashion accessories in Egypt and beyond, S&M caters to an international clientele who seek to express their individuality through bijoux that is as unique as those who choose to wear it. With their design studio adjacent to the historic jewelry-making hub of Khan Khalili and their workshop in the heart of it, SABRY MAROUF takes pride in its Egyptian identity. The labelʼs
 work embodies concepts that are experimental and progressive with a distinctly heritage-oriented approach
 merging fashion, art, philosophy, and culture.Bosaina is a visual, performance and sound artist whose work is concerned primarily with storytelling through various forms of interdisciplinary arts. As a musician, Bosaina developed her 
hauntingly insular sound through the
use of field samples and personal recordings manipulated, processed and combined with melodic synths,percussive
elements and ambient textures to create deeply sentimental narratives. She cites
 cinematic composition, orchestral symphonies and
 acoustic ecology as the main influences for her dense and evolving sound spaces. Bosaina is also
active as a singer, visual artist, DJ and producer with Egyptian electronic music
collective KIK and is one of Cairoʼs 
fashion forward figures as the director of The Fashion Studio, having graduated
from the prestigious Istituto Marangoni with a degree in Fashion Styling & Art Direction. ISIS14 is the artistʼs first
sound space conceived  or a public space.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Skincare Tips from Dr. Lillian

Today I am coming to you with great skincare tips from Pond's Ambassdor Dr. Lillian Khan herself, she is giving us great, easy to follow tips for soft clear skin for this harsh winter.

The winter breeze is here, and soon we will be changing and rearranging our wardrobe to warmer clothes and colors. This extends to our dressing table and beauty cabinet. There are things that will be pushed to the back of the cabinet and products that will be pushed forward. Let’s take a journey through your skin care routine for this season!

Pay attention to your face and neck cleansing routine:

- You will notice that your skin will need to change cleansers when the winter air starts blowing in. During the summer, skin becomes more oily with the heat and humidity, but in winter that's not the case. Choose a mild non-irritating cleanser, and be sure it doesn't contain any harsh ingredients. One of my favorite is Pond’s Gold Radiance Foam cleanser. For dry skin types, you will need a milk or a lotion base moisturizing cleanser. All skin types should still exfoliate gently once a week to remove debris, clogged pores, and dry flaky skin.

You will need your moisturizer:

- All skin types in winter will need some sort of moisturizing fluid, lotion, or cream - even acne prone skin. Read labels carefully and choose the product that is specific to your skin type and problem. So, if you suffering from acne, choose a hydrating lotion that is specific for acne prone skin, and that is labeled non comedogenic. If you have dry eczema prone skin, choose a hypo allergic non irritating moisturizer.

 Sunscreens and BB creams:
- Just because you feel the cool winter air it doesn’t mean that the sun isn't shining along with its harmful rays. A broad spectrum sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB with the recommended SPF 30 and above is still mandatory. You can use the Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream with its GenActiv formula that brightens your natural skin tone. It’s active ingredients works on your skin tone, and provides both coverage and sunscreen all in one to give flawless looking skin immediately and which works on your natural glow.

Use Milk and lactic acids for softer skin:

- It was said that Cleopatra used to bath in milk which has kept her skin soft and smooth. That's not far from scientific truth as milk contains lactic acid. This ingredient is used in body moisturizers to help remove dry flaky skin. Look for those in moisturizers; apply it twice daily to rough dry skin to get smoother hydrated healthy looking body skin.

Don’t forget to exfoliate:
- There is a nice honey and sugar body at-home-remedy that I like to make and use myself. Honey acts as a humectant and reduces inflammation and sugar when massaged on the skin increases circulation and acts as a mild exfoliant. Use this mixture once per week to elbows and knees and you will notice those areas becoming softer and brighter with regular use.

Shower oils and lotions: 
- I’ve become a big fan of prescribing shower oil cleansers to my patients who complain of dry flaky irritated skin. Many of us have busy lives and this has reduced the need to use a moisturizer right after showering and bathing. Another option is to find good moisturizing shower cleansing lotions such a Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash.

10 minutes showers and bath:

- Feeling cold makes us want to take longer hot showers and baths to relax and warm up. But the longer you shower or bath, the dryer the skin becomes. Limit your bath and shower to not more that 10 minutes and make sure the last rinse is with slightly colder temperature water.No matter what the season is, you should always visit your dermatologist and catch up. With seasonal changes it might be best to give a visit to your dermatologist to make sure you enjoy the holiday season as much as you can!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Hive

 It certainly been a while since last time I posted about something artistic. I missed my Artistic Thursday posts, who missed it too? That's why I am back today to post about this must attend art event.

Gallery Ward in Dubai announces the unveiling of the highly anticipated solo exhibition THE HIVE, featuring a series of commissioned artwork by the contemporary Egyptian artist Ahmed Kassim. From 29 January – 7 March, art aficionados are invited to discover the unique satirical style used in Kassim’s vibrant canvas paintings, reflecting the socio-political culture in Egypt today.By definition, a beehive is an enclosed structure in which bee colonies live, raise their young and create and store their food. Typically a hive is a metaphor for a very tightly packed group of cells. They tend to be densely populated and swarming with activity. Throughout history, beehives have been commonly used as a symbol for many things.

In this exhibition, the curator brings forth the idea of the hive as a metaphor for everyday life, within a given physical space, over a period of time. The artist, Ahmed Kassim has therefore created a specially commissioned series of acrylic on canvas paintings with his personal culturally specific interpretation of this highly charged concept. Gallery Ward was established in Cairo and now with a branch in Dubai and with plans to open soon in Riyadh, each providing unique manifestations of Ward’s overarching vision.

Ahmed Kassim graduated in 2007 from The Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University in Cairo, Egypt. Ever since moving to Egypt in 2002, Kassim participated in various collective exhibitions around Egypt, including, Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor as well as Doha, Qatar. His work was featured annually at the 18 to 23 Youth Salons,Palace of Arts, Opera House in Cairo Egypt (2007-2012), where he won first prize for his paintings.

 In 2001, Kassim debuted his first solo exhibition at the renowned Safarkhan Art Gallery in Cairo, where he has continued to hold annual solo exhibitions. Kassim’s caricature like and satirical vibrant style employed in his paintings,conjure an accurate reflection of the popular socio-political culture in Egypttoday. With post-revolution conflict and chaos spilling over the streets of Cairo,Kassim portrays an iconographic narrative that reads like an unfolding story, albeit unstructured and chaotic. The effective signs all relevant to contemporary culture help the viewer connect the dots and create a fragmented yet charming snapshot of current times, one that signifies elements of ideologies in Egypt today.

Ward is located in AL Quoz district St. 6, next to The Courtyard, Al Quoz, interchange 3, Al Manara, Dubai.
Opening hours: Saturday - Thursday Timings:10am - 6pm.Tel: +9714 3883204/ www.galleryward.com
Facebook: Gallery Ward
Instagram :#GalleryWard

Monday, January 13, 2014

What's In her bag ?! Alia El Essiely

As I described Aliaa before in my Who to follow on Instagram post, READ HERE, Aliaa is a beautiful Egyptian girl with fantastic taste, and sense of style. Aliaa has a fabulous wardrobe and like to dress up and take photos around the city. She is a stylist,makeup artist and personal shopper. In short time she got recognized over Instagram for her lovely outfit photos that she posts daily. I love that she has created a buzz and made a lot of Egyptian girls around her imitate her. We have always had fashion magazine, fashion website and amazing blogs..coughs Chanel, Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons hehehe, but we never really had a proper street style blogs, and as Aliaa informed me that she will start a blog of her own rather than having only Instagram account. I guess the fashion scene in C-town is starting to seem promising.

So I had a small chit chat with Aliaa to get to know her better
- So who's Aliaa ?
I'm a fashion stylist with 10 years in the field. I've worked on television commercials, fashion shoots and a couple of music videos. I've always been obsessed with fashion for as long as I could remember. When I was younger and couldn't afford all the clothes I wanted, that forced me to make do with what I could get. It was all about creating a look, not about wearing expensive clothing. That helped me out a lot later and now I get a thrill from making inexpensive clothing look expensive through the right mixing.

- How did you get into the fashion field ?
When I graduated from university, I got an internship at an advertising agency and by coincidence they were working on a music video. I told them that I would love to style the artist and they gave me a shot. I went on to styling their commercials after that and continued doing so after my internship ended
- Describe your style?
I don't think I have a specific style, I try to play characters through my clothing, so sometimes I could wear something whimsy and girly and the next day I could wear ripped jeans and a plaid lumberjack shirt. I try to appreciate all styles and see how I can use them to make up new characters :)

- Who is your favourite designer?
Most designers are great at certain things so I try to have as many different points of views as possible in my wardrobe. But who doesn't love Chanel? Right?:) I also find myself spending a lot of time at Topshop
- Where do you like to shop in Egypt ? And abroad?
When shopping in Egypt I usually go to big malls (for the easy parking:)) and could buy stuff from Zara, H&M, etc. When abroad, London is by far my favourite shopping destination and also like shopping in the big outlets like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols but also like to dig around for obscure boutiques to find hidden gems :) . I also love Sauce in Dubai

-favourite local designers?
Amina Khalil
 As a stylist in Egypt, what are the obstacles you face in your work?
Whenever shopping for something vintage, it's virtually impossi
- Who do you like to style one day ?
Most singers and actresses have a lot of potential, so let me get my hands on a couple of them:)

- How do you see the fashion scene in Egypt?
It's getting a lot better, people are starting to understand that it's ok to seek advice from a stylist
- Future plans ?
Opening my fashion blog soon (fingers crossed:)) but now u can follow me on Instagram @aliaaelesseily

- So What's in you bag?
My bag is M2 Malletier. I can't go anywhere without my Guerlain bronzer, YSL Touche Éclat, Dior Lipstick, my recent obsession Jour D' Hermes, Optrex eye spray,defenitely my keys, and my huge wallet that doesn't fit in most of my bags lol. But I still love it, and of course my phone in Kenzo phone case, I can;t go anywhere without it as well.

Aliaa carrying her bag with he future fashionista daughter