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Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Sabry Marouf Launches Isis 14 Collection"

Cairo based fashion jewelry brand SABRY MAROUF is pleased to announce the launch of a highly coveted, limitedpiece collection during Cairoʼ Fashion Night on January 18th, 2014. Entitled ISIS, Sabry and Marouf pay homageto their Ancient Egyptian heritage with a contemporary approach. The collection is the third chapter to their Armure series of high-fashion costume jewelry, what S&M refer to as “an ongoing creative excavation”to commemorate the occasion S&M are collaborating with sound artist Bosaina, who will be performing an a sound scape entitled ISIS14 during the inaugural VIP night on the 17th of January with a digital format to be released later.Using her particular brand of Ambient Electronica, Bosaina will be encompassing a range of practice including live instrumentation, sound design & mixing as she embodies the goddess on an intergalactic search for her lost love. Bosaina describes the experience as being raw “I was inspired by Sabry  Marouf"s early storyboards for the collection. we share a similar method of sculpting from rawness into futuristic form, so I chose my sounds based on their timbral qualities, for example, transforming water from a rhythmic first section into a metallic sound for Isis
voice lamenting her lovers death later on in the piece. Of course, these are all ideas I've been playing around with what will actually happen is up to the audience and their engagement. Iʼm inviting them to pause and listen, for Isis to resolve” Keeping to its trilogy, ISIS is a collection of synthesis between past and future in that it attempts to subvert the stereotypical image of the mythical muse that is Isis. “We chose to focus on Isis as the Patron of nature and magic, more specifically exploring the enchantress side to her persona. This mystical aspect of her is what really inspired us in designing the collection, imagining her own world and the artifacts she is clad in this goddess of future-past.”
Headed by designer duo Ahmed Sabry and Daki Marouf, SABRY MAROUF positions itself as a brand and culture at the intersection of Art & Fashion. And with a tour de force of pushing the envelope of fashion accessories in Egypt and beyond, S&M caters to an international clientele who seek to express their individuality through bijoux that is as unique as those who choose to wear it. With their design studio adjacent to the historic jewelry-making hub of Khan Khalili and their workshop in the heart of it, SABRY MAROUF takes pride in its Egyptian identity. The labelʼs
 work embodies concepts that are experimental and progressive with a distinctly heritage-oriented approach
 merging fashion, art, philosophy, and culture.Bosaina is a visual, performance and sound artist whose work is concerned primarily with storytelling through various forms of interdisciplinary arts. As a musician, Bosaina developed her 
hauntingly insular sound through the
use of field samples and personal recordings manipulated, processed and combined with melodic synths,percussive
elements and ambient textures to create deeply sentimental narratives. She cites
 cinematic composition, orchestral symphonies and
 acoustic ecology as the main influences for her dense and evolving sound spaces. Bosaina is also
active as a singer, visual artist, DJ and producer with Egyptian electronic music
collective KIK and is one of Cairoʼs 
fashion forward figures as the director of The Fashion Studio, having graduated
from the prestigious Istituto Marangoni with a degree in Fashion Styling & Art Direction. ISIS14 is the artistʼs first
sound space conceived  or a public space.

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