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Monday, January 13, 2014

What's In her bag ?! Alia El Essiely

As I described Aliaa before in my Who to follow on Instagram post, READ HERE, Aliaa is a beautiful Egyptian girl with fantastic taste, and sense of style. Aliaa has a fabulous wardrobe and like to dress up and take photos around the city. She is a stylist,makeup artist and personal shopper. In short time she got recognized over Instagram for her lovely outfit photos that she posts daily. I love that she has created a buzz and made a lot of Egyptian girls around her imitate her. We have always had fashion magazine, fashion website and amazing blogs..coughs Chanel, Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons hehehe, but we never really had a proper street style blogs, and as Aliaa informed me that she will start a blog of her own rather than having only Instagram account. I guess the fashion scene in C-town is starting to seem promising.

So I had a small chit chat with Aliaa to get to know her better
- So who's Aliaa ?
I'm a fashion stylist with 10 years in the field. I've worked on television commercials, fashion shoots and a couple of music videos. I've always been obsessed with fashion for as long as I could remember. When I was younger and couldn't afford all the clothes I wanted, that forced me to make do with what I could get. It was all about creating a look, not about wearing expensive clothing. That helped me out a lot later and now I get a thrill from making inexpensive clothing look expensive through the right mixing.

- How did you get into the fashion field ?
When I graduated from university, I got an internship at an advertising agency and by coincidence they were working on a music video. I told them that I would love to style the artist and they gave me a shot. I went on to styling their commercials after that and continued doing so after my internship ended
- Describe your style?
I don't think I have a specific style, I try to play characters through my clothing, so sometimes I could wear something whimsy and girly and the next day I could wear ripped jeans and a plaid lumberjack shirt. I try to appreciate all styles and see how I can use them to make up new characters :)

- Who is your favourite designer?
Most designers are great at certain things so I try to have as many different points of views as possible in my wardrobe. But who doesn't love Chanel? Right?:) I also find myself spending a lot of time at Topshop
- Where do you like to shop in Egypt ? And abroad?
When shopping in Egypt I usually go to big malls (for the easy parking:)) and could buy stuff from Zara, H&M, etc. When abroad, London is by far my favourite shopping destination and also like shopping in the big outlets like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols but also like to dig around for obscure boutiques to find hidden gems :) . I also love Sauce in Dubai

-favourite local designers?
Amina Khalil
 As a stylist in Egypt, what are the obstacles you face in your work?
Whenever shopping for something vintage, it's virtually impossi
- Who do you like to style one day ?
Most singers and actresses have a lot of potential, so let me get my hands on a couple of them:)

- How do you see the fashion scene in Egypt?
It's getting a lot better, people are starting to understand that it's ok to seek advice from a stylist
- Future plans ?
Opening my fashion blog soon (fingers crossed:)) but now u can follow me on Instagram @aliaaelesseily

- So What's in you bag?
My bag is M2 Malletier. I can't go anywhere without my Guerlain bronzer, YSL Touche Éclat, Dior Lipstick, my recent obsession Jour D' Hermes, Optrex eye spray,defenitely my keys, and my huge wallet that doesn't fit in most of my bags lol. But I still love it, and of course my phone in Kenzo phone case, I can;t go anywhere without it as well.

Aliaa carrying her bag with he future fashionista daughter

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