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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bracelets For A Cause

 I know very well that we girls love so much to shop and spend almost all of our salaries or allowance on clothes, shoes and accessories. I know a lot of girls including myself who wants to give away some money to charity but unwisely spend up all of their money shopping. 

So when I read that there are some fashionable bracelets that you can get with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. I just wanted to know more about this initiative. "Bracelets For A Cause" started by Joumana Sharaf, a young Egyptian girl who loves her country and wants to help as much as she could. So she contributed with some other amazing people as Hoda Enan of HE designs, who does all the graphic designing for free, and with the Urgent advertising who does all the printing for free as well, creating a lovely brand that serves society and help raise the nearness for certain causes, that may be forgotten by others.

 The idea is simple, basically there are four kinds of bracelet. Every bracelet goes to a specific charity, so by buying that specific bracelet you would be donating to that specific charity and you would be raising awareness for your preferred cause. 

The bracelets are all words, They chose the words that they felt that would align best with the specified cause. So love=heart, mercy=animals, smile=orphans,hope=cancer and so on.

 They donate to Magdy Yagoub Organization, orphans via Mashrou3 Al Khier, Animal via Spare Egypt, And different cancer treatment institution. 

The bracelets are ONLY 100 L.E each, but you of course free to buy as much as you, as the proceeds will go to charity, so as the more you pay the more you will be giving to charity, as again ALL THE PROCEEDS goes to charity.

 They are still working on more causes and points of sale. They are selling at Concept store 50A, Frillu.com and soon at Boho and many more. They also takes orders through their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/braceletsforacause ,and they deliver to Alexandria too.

I have been spotting some of the cream of the cream of the Egyptian society, and some hot Egyptian fashionistas rocking Bracelets For A Cause. Everyone wants a bracelet and there are so many orders taking place daily, that thing  that makes me happy. 

I encourage you please take a moment to visit this great and amazing page https://www.facebook.com/braceletsforacause and learn more about how they are helping the Egyptian society. And please go buy a chic bracelet for yourself. You don't know how much your 100 L.E will be doing, to a poor soul in need.

I can't wait till I get mine, and I am getting all of them, they are really are so cute.


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