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Saturday, November 9, 2013

What's in her bag?! And a Mini Interview with Ayah Tabari

It's very hard now to get into a fashionable party or event in Dubai or the GCC without spotting a trendy girl in Mochi statement piece,whether was it a skirt, a pair of hot shorts,a clutch or even a turban. Mochi has taken the Middle East by storm. For months I was dying to get my hands on some hot Mochi pieces, so when I was in Dubai I took the chance and went to meet the very lovely lady behind Mochi, Ayah Tabri. Aya is a very beautiful down to earth person, she showed me around the room she keeps all Mochi pieces in,I had the chance to see the whole collection, and got an exclusive sneak peek of her newest Thailand collection. I also had a chance to get to see what's inside Ayah's mini Dior bag, shop from here big colorful collection, and ask her a few questions.

Ayah in Fashion Forward Event

Tell us more about yourself ? 
I have more of a business background but I always found myself intrigued with the whole fashion industry, I really look up to my sisters and my mother, they all have such amazing style and growing up I would always be influenced by everything they wore and the way they put outfits together. They were a huge part of my inspiration behind Mochi

Mochi collection at the Tabari's residence

Tell us more about line, and how did you start it?
I love travelling, my first collection was inspired by Jaipur. When I was there i just wanted to help the community which is why i produced everything there, it's such a beautiful place and really eye opening. 

- How do you see the fashion scene in the Emirates and how it is different than any other country ? 
 I feel a lot of people in the region have a great understanding of fashion, the industry is growing day by day and I'm happy to be apart of it all. We are now lucky to have platforms such as Fashion Forward and The Dubai Design District which will really help emerging designers within the region.

- Which piece took you the longest time and effort to design? 
They probably all took the same amount of time, my favourite piece has to be the crop top and skirt, I wasn't sure how people would react towards it but it seems to be everyone's favourite!

- What was the public reaction to your first collection? 
Everyone's reaction was great, the brand grew so quickly and Mochi became something everyone wanted to wear and there's nothing I love more than seeing someone wearing my pieces.

- How do you describe your own style and how it reflects to your collections? 
I normally dress for my mood so everyday it's different. I have so many different pieces within my collections so sometimes I'll wake up and want to be a girly girl for the day so i'll put on the crop top and skirt, other days I'll wear a Mochi jacket with a tee and my favourite pair of shorts.

Mochi's Thailand inspiration

- Which celebrity or socialite do you wanna see rocking your designs one day ?
 Nicole Richie, I love her style - she can pull anything off. I would absolutely love to see her in my pieces one day, I think she'd look amazing in them!

- How can we buy your designs?
I'll be launching my website soon but for now you can shop them in Sauce in Dubai, Cream in Jeddah and The Yard in Kuwait.

- Any future plans you wanna share with us?
  I'm launching my Thailand collection really soon, the rest you'll just have to wait and see! 

So let's get into Ayah's mini Dior bag.

Ayah always carries a mini colorful notebook.

A Bottega Venetta wallet,which was a gift.

Her Mochi makeup pouch, Ayah's makeup is MAC, Dior and L'Oreal.

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