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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Poca and Poca Fall winter collection

 Poca and Poca is a brand  from Poland, I learned about in 2012 through other blogs, and then I traced it down, and found that they have an outlet in Galleries Lafayette in Dubai Mall, As soon as I saw their display I fall in love, I knew I won't go out with empty hands, and I quickly picked one of their most famous designs till our day, the winged black jumpsuit as I like to call it. I remember going after to a fashion show in Dubai and having everyone stopping me to ask about the brand, and magazines photographers chasing me to take my photo. Yes this how special the outfit was.

For this season Poca and Poca came out with a unique campaign (Bubbles and Bubbles), I love how naughty and colorful their campaigns are, and how every time you buy something from them they shower you with small trinkets and chocolates ah and bubble soap :)
Dominating colours for this collection are pastel yellow, vibrant green and pink, and by the way Pink so trending this summer, you can see it every where, that why I am so happy because of course you know this is my fav. colour for everything.

The cuts of Poca and Poca are like no other so unique and structured, it like you are wearing a geometric design that is fitting perfectly to your body. also what I love about the fabric for this fall winter collection is they do look light, but they are so suitable for cold weather as well.

I choose from this collection the Pink puffy top (photo down) which I paired with a light weigh white trousers and wore it on my trip to discover the royal palace in Thailand. I swear to God again people stopped from different countries to ask me about my top, to an extent a sweet Danish girl was with me on the tour, she came up right to me and told me can I see the brand tag :)
Their pieces are so unique you can wear in a special occasion or if you have an important outing and want to stand out.

I am sharing with you my favourite looks from the current collection, follow them on Instagram: PocaandPoca and check it regularly because they always have giveaways and competition and they giveaway a whole outfit.

Also you can find them in Galleries Lafayette Dubai Mall, and Panorama Mall in Riyadh. And of course they ship worldwide for low cost shipping check www.pocaandpoca.com

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