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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hot or Not - Harry Potter's glasses

Yes, you read it write, I am actually discussing Harry Potter's glasses here !!
The round and oval glasses were a big deal back in the sixties, they were a defining element of the hippie style during that period, they were worn by most of the fashionable icons back then, but it was and still always associated with the great John Lennon.

Stylists say that, it was last seen on the runway around two decades ago. and it was for Proenza Schouler who made it come back to life again in 2008, but unfortunately it didn't get much attention, but the past summer the round glasses revived  yet again and made it clear,that it is here to stay, for a while at least.
A lot of  designs were inspired by the glasses which the little boy- that we all watched grow, over years on T.V-  "Harry Potter" is always seen with. I guess Potter just spread one of his magical spell over the runway or something.

Nicole Richie

Lady Gaga spotted wearing round glasses in Tokyo

 So what do you guys think, will you give up your wayfarers and aviator sunglasses and try out this new trend or not ?

Of course I have to mention him :) 
Mohammed El Baradei probably the most famous man in Egypt now

See even Adel Adham is pulling out the new trend :)

Avada Kedavra....."what was this spell for, I can't remember"



  1. u forgot el baradei :)
    u should check out vb's round sunglasses..

  2. you are right, how come I forgot him !!! I checked that site, and I am in love. thanks

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