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Monday, December 5, 2011

Glam it up with a box

How many times did you buy a makeup or a beauty item, that you were so excited about or recommended by someone, and when you get home and try it  you ,find it is a complete failure,and also how many foundation bottles you bought before, that you swear it was so matching your skin tone at the shop, but when you got home and  try applying it before that important event or date, shockingly you find it's not even close to your complexion colour, I honestly had my share of those 300 L.E worth makeup items, standing on my vanity table, staring at me everday, making me feel so guilty wasting my money on them.

But finally two women teamed up and came with a new concept to the beauty world, The BrichBox.
The BirchBox is basically a box that gets delivered to your doorstep every month, carrying an array of different beauty and makeup samples, it will keep you updated with what's new in the beauty world and you will feel free to try the products several time, and if you like it and want to continue using it, you can get the real size.

as Brichbox is based in the US only,  some similar companies with the same objective opened awhile ago in both europe and SouthAfrica, GlamBox is one of them, and the exciting news is .... "drum roll here please" we now have the  GlamBox MIDDLE EAST.

this practical and exciting idea is about to hit the area so soon, it's scheduled to be launched in the UAE first but with a fast plan to grow and expand in the whole area, and hopefully Egypt will be one of the lucky countries. for around 50 AED a month you will get this box full of samples of beautiful goodies, I am so very excited about this, I am waiting for them to launch so I can get my hands on my first GlamBox and I promise you guys  a review of every single item that comes in that box.

check their site www.glambox.me and their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GlamBoxME?sk=wall


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