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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Waitaing for the one night after the one thousands nights

Did you check that out, the trailer for the first Egyptian 3D/ big production movie, 1001 Nights (Alf Leila we Leila).
I watched it yesterday and was completely mesmerized. the movie starring Amr Waked in the role of Shahryar and Ghada Adel in the role of Scheherazade, along with a bunch of Egypt's biggest stars, Sawsan Badr, Ghada Abdel Razek, Asser Yassin, Amr Saad, Ezzat Abu Ouf, and many more to announce later, from the trailers it seems like this movie will transfer the Egyptian cinema industry  into a whole new level.

The Arabian nights are some fairytale stories collected from the Middles East, Persia and south Asia, but the most famous are Alaadin , Sindbad and Ali Baba. I am so curious to see some of the other stories included in that movie, like the hypnotizer, Shamayel and Makroud and Kahlan, what I noticed from the trailer that almost all  of the film crew are Egyptians , oh that's brilliant, I am  also admiring the makeup it's done by Mahmoud Rashad from Make up forever, I believe that the Egyptians are creative by nature it's in their genes and we do have the potential but we need to know how to use it in a right way.
I am so excited about this master piece an I do expect it to be a big hit, it's rumored to be released in 2013, wait ! that's too late.

Just a hint: did you know the Al Nasser Salaheldin starring Ahmed Mazhar and directed by the great Youssef Chahine, was Egypt's biggest movie production at that time??!!
The producer Asia went bankrupted after producing it, it won several awards from the art direction and the script to the costumes everything was just perfect, and was about to be nominated for an Oscar, but a fatal directing mistake came across, in a scene you can see one of the extras wearing a watch !!! I guess he forgot to take it off and the director and the staff didn't took notice. that's Sad.


  1. hello hello,
    a couple of facts:
    1- it's a tv series.
    2- it's 2 years old.
    3- they haven't found investors yet, so there's a fat chance this is the most of what we get to c of it. this is the pilot they made to seduce the investors, but i think it was ÜBER expensive so it didn't sell.
    4-would love to c it though.

  2. What??!!

    I guess I got to excited, but maybe the found an investor, so that why they released it now, anyway as you said we all hope to see this.

    thanks Hadil for the facts