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Friday, May 23, 2014

My Can't Leave The House Without Product

On a one good day I decided to go pamper myself a little bit in the spa, so I went to have an oxygen facial to deeply moisturize my face, as the last period I was noticing that my face has become dry at the last period of time. When the tough tempered Russian beautician started applying the cleanser on my face, she noticed how dry my face was, she kept on asking me a lot of questions
about my daily beauty routine, and my lifestyle. It turned out that I don’t drink enough water (you are supposed to drink at least 8 full glasses of water every day, seriously who could do that, whoever does that, I am sure he spends the other part of the day at the loo. Other thing that increases the dryness of the face, is staring to the laptops/TVs screens more than 8 hours a day, which I over exceed significantly. But when it came to the question do you apply a sunscreen before going out every day, hearing my answer, the beautician showed her aggressive Russian side, she was nearly shouting to me, hearing that

I never wear sun screen except by the beach or if I am wearing makeup already containing a protecting SPF. She said that the main reason behind my dry skin is not wearing SPF fortified cream every day and that the sun heat takes away all the moisture from my skin, and dries it out, and by time it has become sensitive that it turned red ,oh silly me I thought that was a natural blush. The beautician warned me that if I didn’t act immediately, and start taking care of my skin, some pre mature wrinkles will start on appearing starting from the area around the mouth then it will start increasing bit by bit over the years.

Adding to the wrinkles she said that those harmful sun rays can cause also dark blemishes and spots that can easily ruin your skin colour, or God forbid can cause in some cases skin cancer, which has spread abundantly in our time, and it main factors is exposing to sun without protection between the time of 10 am till 3 pm. And to be honest unless you are a vampire, no one can really obliged to stay home away from the sun during that time, it’s crucial time during the middle of any working day, and even on a day off you will still have to go out for any reason, if not for the beach which is even more dangerous, since the sea waters reflect the sunrays and can cause severe damage.

Horrified from what I heard, I rushed home running for the nearest laptop – ignoring what she told me about the harmful screen rays whatsoever- I can live with one small wrinkle but I can’t live without my internet. I stayed for hours reading review about the best sunscreen that you can wear with or without make up and won’t show or bother you with its smell all the day long. I came across the Chanel UV essential sunscreen and anti-pollution lotion; I read a lot of reviews saying it’s one of the best products in this category. So I purchased, it is of course a little expensive for sunscreen but it has a lot of benefits that makes you not feel guilty after purchasing. First it’s so light weighted, its smell is really good, matte and not greasy, can be worn alone or with makeup, it won’t make your foundation cake. And it has some anti-bacterial functions so it will help your face stay fresh all day long, perfect if you suffer from acne or pimples, yes it won’t help but it won’t make it worse, as it won’t break you out or increase sebum secretion. Plus all of that the bottle looks really luxurious and after all it’s CHANEL.

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