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Thursday, May 8, 2014

An Unforgettable Birthday Weekend at The Ritz Cartlon

It's not every month a girl celebrates her birthday, right ? So as April's my birthday month, born on April's first, and no it's not April's fool. My husband surprised me with tickets for Dubai to attend the fashion forward festival, which is of course a must attend event for me, and for any fashion editor or blogger in general. It was an incredible trip, celebrating my birthday with my husband and my best friend (who now lives in Dubai) attending amazing shows, meeting new people, and gaining a lot of new friends. And to top the perfect Birthday weekend, we were invited to stay at the magnificent Ritz Carlton, DIFC.

The DIFC is one of the most amazing parts in Dubai, and m top favourite area to hangout by day and night. See by day, I love to go by day to have a quick lunch at the busy lunch break, then I would go to one of the art galleries or auction halls there, or maybe grab a hot chocolate or fresh juice and chill by the green area there and enjoy some sun (in winter only of course). By night I would go with my girl friends or husband to have a nice elegant dinner, or go for some drink at the so many amazing cool places there. Also this area are full with decent hair and nails salons, and has so many things going there everyday all the days.

The Ritz Carlton is the only hotel by the DIFC, so when I knew I will be staying at the Ritz, I was like WOW and when I knew it is in the DIFC, I was like please double that WOW :) As soon as our car stopped by the Ritz doors, we were  received  by a warm welcome by the cheerful doormen to the concierge to the beautiful receptionist. We stayed at the residency suites, which is more like a medium sized apartment with a huge bedroom, walk in closet, a huge bathroom where there are both a huge bathtub and a shower, where all the toiletries are from the luxurious Aspery London. There is another guest bathroom by the living room. The kitchen is something else, equipped by the best kitchenware you can possibly need for cooking a festive meal, a dishwasher, stove, microwave, toaster, etc. and with a washing machine as well. I love how you have your own Nspresso machine with a set of complimentary Nspersso coffee, and a wide selection of teas.

As soon as I entered our room, I was touch by an amazing gesture the hotel, by the living room, there were a plate of fine chocolates, and an amazing personalized setup just for me.. Chanel Cupcakes, Cameras and Crayons. I was so touched that I teared , I can't really thank them enough for all of the effort they did to drew a smile on my face on such a special occasion for me.


After I rested I toured the hotel, this amazing hotel has the best smell in the world, I know you will think I am crazy but they spray something that smells so good, and actually makes you feel happy, you know my story with scents, I have posted about it before. The hotel has a straight connection to the DIFC, so perfect stay if you are having business by the DIFC or just love to hang out there like me. It has a lot of terraces overlooking the DIFC, where you can smoke shisha by night and enjoy some good music played by a great DJ. Guests can enjoy a beautiful gym with indoors pool. The outdoors pool is something else it overlooks the perfect Dubai Skyline and you can order food and drink at that time. The hotel also has a numerous number of amazing restaurant. The Blue Rain, which is a Thai restaurant, A steak restaurant ( The Center Cut) where you have breakfast by day and open for lunch and dinner afterwards, and then the magnificent Cafe Belge where I had unbelievably delicious dinner at, but I will post about it in the next post.

View from the pool

One of the so many beautiful terraces

Terrace overlooking the hotel entrance

How cute, they gave us chocolates after the breakfast
 I loved that the Ritz is always borrowing unique artistic pieces from Opera Gallery in the DIFC, to display it by their halls. So if you are an art lover like me, you will just love your walk from the room to the restaurant everyday, or if you are a bit lazy to walk down to the galleries in the DIFC.

The Center Cut, steak house.

The Salon near the spa

That sculpture is so touching

 There are two Salons annexed to the hotel, at the very famous Lebanese salon Joe Raad, which I did my hair at, for the FFWD final night.I also had the chance to try the spa,and will post about it in another post, as I just can't describe how great it was in this already long post.

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