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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The IT Palettes from Sephora

When I first saw the Sephora IT eyeshadow palette, I couldn't help but blaming myself of the years I locked myself with the neutral palettes for so long, that I forgot how cool was it to use a beautiful strong colour on the lip and blend it with other neutrals.

The Sephora colour "It" palette, has all the colour you can use on your lids, the shadows are so pigmented, you will only need a one or two strokes of the brush. The powder is so cream it spreads out evenly on the skin, leaving to creases of the powder, and perfect to apply your mascara above. It has beautiful 5 nude colors a long with the other vibrant colours such as greens, blues, purples and of course smokey black. It's a one palette for all.

Makeup tip: Use the blue, green or the purple colour on an edgy small brush and but on your lower water line, exactly as you use the eyeliner, it will open your eyes and add a glam touch of colour. Do this with neutral makeup at the upper lid, or even without any makeup. Also if you have small eyes, use the white shadow to put on the inner corner of the eye, it will instantly make your eyes look bigger.

 Ever dreamed of carrying almost all of your makeup with you, and in one of your smallest clutches as the same time. I do every time I go out in a hurry ( almost all the time :) ) and wish I could have space in my make to put all my makeup, so I can use the traffic jams time, to put on my make.. (Busy working mom problems)
That why I loved the Sephora Spring in Soho" Palette, it have everything I can dream of, for my everyday make. A gorgeous set of eye shadows, a beautiful coral blusher, ohh and the lipsticks, just the right collection of colours, from pinks, to nudes, to orange to dark fuchsia. What else could you need to do your everyday makeup on the go, or retouch your lips, or eyes from now and then.
 It's very tiny that it can fit in any bag I have, and it has mirror inside, and I know it sounds trivia, but I just love the smell of the makeup inside, I can't help but opening it to smell. hehe Crazy I know.

Check www.sephora-me.com/ to know your nearest branch, and don't forget to like them on FB, Click Here, to be updated with all the new Sephora products.

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