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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Skin Care from Lush

First congratulations to the the three winners of the Lush giveaway, I hope you are enjoying your gifts. Today I want to tell you about some Lush products that I have been using for over a month and I loved so much.
See I don't need to tell you how much skin gets dry in winter, we all know that. So I wanted to try some products especially designed for wintery weather. I got to try four different product from Lush's winter collection, 2 soaps, a body lotion and body butter.

Snow Fairy Sparkle:
This super cute massage bar is such an investment, it's not only unbelievably moisturizing massage bar, it also leaves a fabolous pinky colouron skin, so after rinsing it off, it gives a light pinkish kind of glow that stays all day long.
I use it as a body conditioner, so after I shower, I rub to m body, leave it for minutes, then rinse it. As I said at first it will stain your body pink, but washing it off will leave that irresistible glow. It has a candy/bubblegum smell to it, that as most of Lush products will make you wanna eat it :)
It's melts down so quickly which is good when using it on our skin, but a bit for storage, so better if you keep it in one of those Lush tin containers.

Orange soap:
 This one of the most natural soap I have ever used, I literally feel like I am washing m face with fresh oranges. I love the smell of orange so much, and this soap is perfect for these cold winter morning,when you can't wake up at all, just wash our face with it, and it will you feel awake and fresh.
 I also like the layer of dried oranges topping the soap bar.

Snowcake soap:
 One of Lush's bestsellers, and one of my new favourite ones. I just love this soap, I swear I keep on going to the bathroom to wash my hands, just to smell it. It has the smell of both fresh roses and marzpian, oh la la... very soothing and moisturizing for winter, and the gold top layer keeps on remind me of the holiday season all year round.

This body lotion has the most rich scent ever, it also have thin texture,non- greasy. Made with citrusy oils like lime and orange, with mix of very moisturizing cocoa butter and almond oil. What else could I ask for ?
I love to use it after showering and using snow fairy.

 Golden Wonder:
This bath bomb I picked in my way out, I picked it honestly because I loved how it looked. I tried it one night I decided to take a long bath, which is very rare to happened when you have kids :) I broke it into four pieces which should be enough for 4 times. This bomb is not for short baths, you need to relax in an idulging bath to enjoy it. Inside there is pink, below and yellow colours that colour the water of your bath, and makes it full of golden glitter. So luxurious and relaxing.

the water colour
 I just love Lush, as you may notice, and I pay many many visits to the store, to discover more and more..so stay tuned for more Lush products review, I know you love Lush too :)

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