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Monday, December 30, 2013

Micaroon...The cutest makeup ever.

As a makeup junkie, I tend to keep my eyes open for whatever is new in the makeup and beauty world, so when one day I saw someone posting a photo for a very cute, eye catchy new makeup line called Micaroon, it really caught my attention, and I had to find the story behind it.

I did my homework, and found out that Micaroon is a new trendy makeup line created by a beautiful ambituios lade called Rima Khoreibi, who is an astute business woman with a keen eye for detail she has long been in love with cosmetics and all things beautiful. Born in Lebanon, Rima was raised in Saudi Arabia before moving to Toronto, Canada.Upon completeing her degree in Cultural Anthropology, Rima married and took up residence in Amman, Jordan returning to her Middle Eastern roots. In 2001, Rima moved to Dubai and it is here that she currently resides with her husband and two sons and also where Micaroon Makeup is manufactured. Rima has long admired the style and elegance of women in the Middle East, who exude beauty, no matter what age they are. Women in the region are accustomed to superior quality, Rima wanted to create this experience without the hefty pricetag.

During a trip to Sisley, Italy in 2009 Rima was encompassed by a world of inspiration, her love for the macaroon cookie came to the fore. She had long appreciated the macaroon as a pretty, feminine piece of modern culture and began to envision how to intertwine her desire to create a cosmetic line with this charming design.The concept of micaroon makeup was conceived, combining the word ‘mica’ meaning natural colour pigmentation with macaroon. Thus began four long years of extensive research and development,as well as travelling the globe to find the most suitable, natural ingredients to use in this cosmetic line.micaroon makeup offers superior quality cosmetics with a massive focus on natural products and safety. The packaging inspired by macaroons are fun, fresh and quirky, instilling a desire to collect all of these edible looking products.

The UAE is well known for its stringent rules and regulations within factories and manufacturers making it the perfect location to manufacture Micaroon Make Up within an FDA approved setting. micaroon make Up focuses on natural ingredients, minerals, vitamins and oils that not only beautifies but nourishes the skin.The packaging inspired by macaroons is fun, fresh and quirky, instilling a desire to collect all of these edible looking products.

The brand has officially launched and features an array of gorgeous eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, lipglosses and mascara which are currently available in S*uce Boutiques in the UAE.

Below are images from the Micaroon launch party at S*uce boutique, the village mall branch.

Rima, Micaroon's creator

Rima with Zayan Ghandour, and a friend

Rima with my one the Middle East's greatest designers Essa

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  1. i love the packing, it looks yummy :)
    its almost everything u love macroons and makeup,, wht more to ask :*