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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Ramadan Thobe with a twist

Thobes or Jalabyas have become synonymous with Ramadan, it started with the Gulf and Saudi Arabia, as it was part of their culture till recently it became somehow popular in Egypt as well. I am sure you have seen a lot of pretty kaftans everywhere this year, but today I am bringing you a very talented designer that has taken the thobes to another level. 

Saudi designer Turk Jadallah the founder and the designer behind OT Kutyr fashion house is very famous for his outstanding Haute Couture line, he has dressed celebrities at the Carnival of Cannes, and he is very well known for his sophisticated designs, however this Ramadan Jadallah launched his latest Ramadan 2013 collection, which consist of 10 different jumpsuits using different fabrics such . The jumpsuits are mainly black and off white with golden embroidered pieces topping them, which for some pieces he used the gold metals studs which are trending these days. Going through his unusual collection for Ramadan this year, Turki says: ‘the jumpsuit is more practical than the Jalabyas and Thobes, it can be worn in Ramadan and after it at any occasion during the whole year, and that encouraged me to use both the black and off white. And I aim to encourage the young ladies to revive our traditions and heritage that the modern fashion trends have taken them away from.

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