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Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Sephora Masks Box

Almost 8 months ago I was paying at the Sephora cashier, and I glimpsed new masks from Sephora, the facial sheets masks. I bought couple to try them, and since the moment I tried them, I have added them to my beauty routine before any big event or important outing. They leave my face feeling fresh, clean and moisturized.

I received a box of Sephora's face and eyes masks. The Lotus, Pomegranate and Rose masks for face and for the eyes. I tried the lotus eye mask, and boy how I notice the difference immediately, I have very sensitive skin under the eyes area, that need to be moisturized daily, and of course with all the madness that is happening in my life now with work, caring for a toddler and launching a new blog, I of course forget to put cream. So these little colorful sheets dramatically changed my life, I will just apply one every week, and it keeps the under eyes area moisturized and looking bright.

If you have dry skin, I recommend to use the rose face mask before applying your makeup. It will makes your face glowing and will prevent scaling of the foundation. The Lotus face mask is also to keep your face hydrated and helps with the daily moisturize to prevent drying, specially for girls like me who don't drink enough water, espcially in the coming cold months.

The Orange masks are anti-aging. I can't stress enough on the importance of using anti-aging products as soon as you hit your 27 years. I know you won't be having wrinkles until 10 more years, but using anti-aging products specially masks,will prevent those wrinkles for appearing early and highly decrease their appearance. So make it a ritual to use the Sephora Anti-aging mask even if you use it every other week.

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