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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Join The Tea Club

Founded by Naemah Matar and her son Fayad AlDossary in Baharian and expanded to Dubai, in the steps to open around 29 Tea Salons in the whole Gulf area. After traveling the world and staying in so many hotels and having tea there.They decided to open their first Tea Club back in Bahrain, bringing tea leaves from all over the world. They brought tea from cities you never saw on the map, when I met them over team, we spent hours talking about the benefits of drinking tea, and the weird and funny story of drinking tea traditions within different cultures. The tea club has a huge seating area just in front of the Dubai Mall dancing fountain, I must say it is the best location ever. They have outdoors and indoors section. Beside the unique collection of tea they serve, they also serve all kind of different desserts for tea time, and they serve fine dinner and fresh juices (highly recommended the fresh cucumber and mint smoothie). You can also buy different kind of teas from there by the weigh. There is a glass room in the middle of the restaurant where all the rare kind of teas are. I entered the room, where Mr. Fayad kindly explained to us how they preserve tea to optimize the taste the benefits of the ingredients inside. I saw a special tea leaves that comes from China ad served in the very traditional weddings where after guests drink their tea, the leftovers from leaves is recollected for the bride to scrub her body with, to protect her from the evil eye. How interesting?!

 I have tried the chocolate mint tea, it was my first time to try it, it tasted like after 8 chocolate, the soursop was delicious, it has a different taste that I had tasted before in a fresh juice containing Soursop. My ultimate favorite was the Lavender tea. it is a very relaxing infusion of fresh Lavander that helps you relax and sometimes sleep. I don't advise to drink quantities of it and drive after, but it will work miracles if you want to relax or have insomnia. For the food I had tasting of a lot of the menu items, the mini burgers was beyond delicious, the shrimp tampoura with almonds, the ravioli that is stuffed with mushrooms and pistachio were to die for. The staff is highly trained and know a lot of info. about all kinds of tea, they are so passionate as much as the owners are. They are not just tea shop owners they are passionate people and collectors who want to share their passion with everyone.


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  2. ما تعملي نفسك طيبه ، فاكره الهدوم اللي كنتب بتلبسيها ولا اذكرك