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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cartier's Juste Un Clou

Turn a nail into jewellery, see beauty in its barest, clearest state and reveal the object just as it is. And what an object! A true nugget of raw, chic energy wrapped close around the wrist, for Him or for Her, a sign of rebellious spirit and character vividly portrayed. An oval of solid gold topped with a head, a statement of elegant verve and vitality, indomitable energy and pure design. Juste un clou (just a nail) yet a precious item of jewellery, forged by a diligent craftsman’s approach, a creator-magician who transcends everyday life by melding hardware into jewellery. The first nail bracelet was originally conceived by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier New York in the 1970s.Echoing the festive wildness at heart that sprung up around the iconic Studio 54, this classic piece was ahead of its time, displaying a modernity that remains up to date: the bracelet is back, redesigned to nail contemporary style.

Yes, it’s a nail! Hardware reinvented as jewellery, in yellow, white or pink gold,natural or paved with diamonds, in large and small sizes. A rhythmic spiral,a mighty bangle, personal totem, bold manifesto, a lust for life, style and consummate freedom. A bracelet. Juste un clou – just a nail drives the point home! A statement: I am who I am. A sign of assertiveness, standing out from the crowd, resolutely freestyle to be ever more genuine, true and Juste un clou* – just a nail.

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