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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Authentic Saudi Lunch With The Entertainer

I love good food, and I love to explore new cuisines, my taste buds were trained over the past years to identify good food, from my years as a restaurant reviewer. As Egyptians we are very familiar to Lebanese and Syrian foods, but not so much to Saudi and Khaliji cuisines, as most of us only knew that Saudi food is only famous Kabsah.

But living in Jeddah for more than couple of years, taught me a lot about the Hijazi food, where I knew it much more than the Kabsah,which is not reall considered an authentic Hijazi food. With authentic Saudi restaurants like Aseil, helped a lot of us expats living in beautiful Jeddah, to taste and appreciate true Saudi food.

I had a couple of my dear Egyptian friends visiting Jeddah, and I wanted them to have a taste of the true Saudi food, and since I have the great and money saving application THE ENTERTAINER on my iPhone, I looked up saudi cusine, and found they have Aseil with them in the offers, was so over the moon from happines, as now we could enjoy so many great dishes and pay for half of it only.

The Entertainer is a smart phone application, that you download from your applications store, and then you pay something around 185 SAR online via your credit card (with your apple ID if you are iPhone user) and then all the Restaurants, Salons, Spas, Cafes, Hotels offers unlocks for you. You pay for one you get the other free. Nothing complicated, no tricks nothing, just as easy as you can imagine.

Read my first post about The Entertainer Here, to know more about the great app.
Download it from your smart phone or use this link. Click Here

Make sure to check The Entertainer website to know more, Click Here 

Restaurant looks so authentic

Interesting item in the menu, love Al Madina Mint

Our complimentary Arabic coffee and dates.

That m fav. soup in the world, Shorbet Hab "wheat soup with chicken"

A very Hijazi dish, Lahm bel Ajen" Saudi meat loaf"

Another Hijazi dish, the Saleeq, me and my son's favourite

Yummy Hijazy mixed grills.

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