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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Secret Treasures by Swarovski

Last month I attended the launch of Swarovski  Fall/Winter 2013/14 collection at the Voda bar in Zabeel Saray hotel in Dubai. The collection varies from a wide range of easy-to-wear jewelry pieces and accessories highlight her style, and add sparkle, a touch of glamour and a personal signature to her look.

Loved the Venue 

Nathalie Colin has designed a collection named "Secret Treasures," reminiscent of a journey. Inspired by the Silk Road, this collection is built around four legendary locations, each of which holds treasures of tradition and beauty. From China to the Himalayas and from India to Venice.

From China, Swarovski has adopted the symbolism of yin and yang, illustrated by the Stone theme. 

In the Himalayas, nature's majesty can be felt. Mountains, forests, and glaciers leave a mineral imprint on creations with organic lines, of which the Vita line is a perfect example. 

An abundance of colors, silk with a thousand and one reflections, the richness of gold, and the wonder of precious stones: India's influence leaves its ornamental and exuberant mark. By inviting the talented Shourouk to design some pieces for the collection, Nathalie Colin has initiated a new collaboration with the world of fashion. Shourouk is familiar with the company because she has used crystals on her own creations in the past, and has now designed an imposing necklace Swarovski by Shourouk, that is nonetheless flexible and mounted on cord. With its bib form embroidered with crystals, this necklace imparts sophistication to any outfit, day or night.

Venetian inspiration floats a veil of baroque mystery over these highly refined pieces, which evoke the magnificence of palaces and colors shrouded in the mist. 

Me after the event

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