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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

NOLA Giant Ramadan Cupcakes

Happy Ramadan to all of you. Ramadan is one of my favourite months in the whole year. It's the month that I get to see almost all of my relatives, friends, gather for iftar and sohour..and those weekend nights where I just chill with my friends and watch some s=Egyptian series and have some desserts and Karkadeh :)

As you all may know that I am addicted to NOLA cupcakes, like I can have enough of them, for me they are like the best cupcakes in the world, so for Ramadan I always have an internal struggle between having a cupcake or having a piece of that konfa bel Manga, and the other oriental desserts. Thank God NOLA helped me end that struggle, as they have just  launched the Grand Cupcake, in honor of the holy month’s grand traditions.So in addition to the regular flavors, the Grand Cupcake will be available in all of NOLA’s new Ramadan sensations that put a twist on the traditional oriental tastes. NOLA’s cupcake flavors for Ramadan are Konafa Manga, Balah (dates), Tehina bel Assal el Iswid wil Marraba, (Tahini with molasses and jam), Aeysh Saraya and Amar El Deen.

The Grand Cupcake is the largest cupcake size NOLA has produced to date, serving 8-10 people. It
will be available in all of NOLA’s current menu flavors to match every taste, and customers can freely
customize their Grand cupcake with a special message or design to suit any occasion.
Adel Sedky, NOLA’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner, elaborates,“Our Grand cupcake
allows our customers to spread more love with NOLA by providing a larger portion to share and
indulge in. We enjoy awakening everyone’s inner child with our products, and our Grand cupcake does
just that while providing you with more leftovers to satisfy those midnight cravings.”

The Grand Cupcake and all new Ramadan flavors will be available in store at any of NOLA’s Cairo
branches (Maadi and 6th of October) and summer destinations (Diplo 3 and Porto Marina) Are available now till August 8th.

Just note that NOLA are relocating in Zamalek, but their delivery is still available in Zamalek, call them at 011-1112-7738 and Maadi at 011-1112-2472.
T. 011-1112-7736

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