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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I hate Carina !!!!!!

                "I hope some of you ladies won't feel offended by this post "

I remember long time ago, I was with my mum in Roxy for a Doctor's appointment, and as we finished we were on our way to the car, a street seller popped out of nowhere and shouted at us (3ayza baddehatt badeehtaaat badeehatttt) do you want bodies? of course he meant bodies as the tops, not bodies as dead people bodies. I remember we got scared first but after that it was a good laugh when we remember how he appeared like that and how he was speaking.

so whenever I saw a Carina shop, I can't help myself but remembering this freaky guy and laughing about it, I hate this Carina thing so badly, (in case you don't know it, Carina is a purely Egyptian brand specialized in undergarments and basic wear) but  unfortunately their products got abused by the Egyptian ladies.and also in case you don't know it, Carina is supposed to be a kind of UNDERWEAR, not a thing you wear and go out to face the world with, it's not acceptable by any means for people to see your Carina tops, I got pissed off from girls especially vieled girls who feel free to wear Carina high neck tops and wear above it a lingerie cut top or a cut chemise or worse a strapless evening gown,I swear I once saw a bride wearing a white carina top under her wedding dress. One word yuck

The Veil is supoosed to be something covering your body in a respectable way, and wearing a tight, long sleeved with a high collar lycra top is not the thing that will help you wear normal clothes and look fashionable, neverless it will make you look cheap and ugly. however I think you can look effortlessly chic and fashionable without spending lots of money, if you just know what and how to wear, for example you can pair your blazers with wide pants, maxi dresses, try pleated long skirts (they are so in, right this moment), and for evening gown, why not having something specially custom- made for you ?!! or you  can even wear a cropped evening jacket above the dress to cover up, seriously there are million ways to cover up and still look gorgeous, just not the Carina top, and if you guys are interested, I can do some posts to show you how to cover up with style.

Another thing I hate about Carina, is the pore-less stretchy lycra material, it sticks to your skin blocking your pores hence can cause allergies and skin redness, and making the smell of sweet oh lalala, another yuck.And if you like to wear a tube or a spaghetti top under your clothes, you can get loads of cotton ones from H&M and Zara or even Cottonil. Cotton breathes so well and will make you feel more comfortable and fresher,plus it's also cheaper than the Carina ones. and OMG, the big disaster is that, they now have a new line for teens and little girls, to teach them from a young age, about the art of wearing the Carina. (poor little things)

So for God's sake and for Egypt's sake, girls stop wearing Carina. or soon they will change the name  of Egypt to Carinaland.

3ayza badehat badehattt

the most famous top in Egypt

see !!! not cool at all


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  1. i once did a project on such a topic, fashion for muslim women, i was provoked to do it because i was shocked at many of the clothes that are supposed to be "covering" when in fact are tighter than clothes that are worn by many non veiled women. i ended up making a paperdoll with many outfits and choices of veil so that young girls can see outfits and choices before they even go shopping.

  2. "and if you guys are interested, I can do some posts to show you how to cover up with style"

    Go on..

  3. Zinab that's so nice, may be one day you will show this to me

  4. Marwa, I promise I will do it soon

  5. i found your blogg yesterday, i really liked everything you writing about since fashion is really a warm subject to my heart. and the best with your blogg is that you never get bored reading it, so i just read and read more , till i get this post, i dont know what to say since i am a covered muslim living in the western and reading such thing make my heart bleeding, i would say the same that those tops are awufal, but there is ppl that dont have the money or even the sence of the fashion,but i dont think ppl have the right to say negative thing about othe ppl choices, i dont know really how old you are, but we arab need to be more open and understand other and unfortunetly this is what is our problem when we wear hijab we hate ppl that dont, and when we dont wear hijab then we hate all covered ppl and give them such negative respons! i get offended :-)/ zarah

    1. Hi Zarah,

      First thank you so much for your warm words, I really appreciate it. I am so sorry if my opinions have offended you. But you must now that I a Muslim girl who respect her a religion more than she respects anything in the world. My mum, aunts and cousins are all veiled and covered, and the fact that I am not, doesn't mean that I don't respect Veil or that I don't cover up.

      I am not saying negative things about people, I am just highlighting a very negative habit, veiled girls are adopting, I think you will agree with me that it's not acceptable by any mean of means for Muslim girl to wear short skirts, baby doll cut dresses and wear a stretch leggings and top under them "that shows more than it covers",just to say to people; hey I am covered, that will make people stare at her more, than if she was wearing a normal jeans and a T.shirt, which is completely the opposite from what Allah wants.

      Another thing I am not attacking the poor people, that lycra Carina top is around 175 L.E which can be considered very expensive speaking of a basic top, and the leggings is for more than 100 L.E and I think the poor is dressed in more beautiful clothes than this, you can buy a long sleeved shirt from Wekalet el balah ( nice and respectable) for 50-70 L.E and less if you search well. It's not about criticizing people, more than it's a message to spread the respectable clothing idea between the Egyptian girls. Also I am not a rich girl who brags about stuff, i work very hard to do this and buy the things I want, and I can be so poor compared to others.

      Anyway this my personal opinion and it's a personal blog, so sorry again if you got offended with my opinions but that what I believe in.

  6. hi Noha

    Many thanks for your reply i really appreciate that you took your time and answer me, i had this discussion with mynsister today she had lived in egypt for a while and told me the same thing u wrote, ofcourse iam with you if muslim girls start wearing any piece of clothes and think that those underwear will make it hijab, to just cover the body does not mean this is hijab :) iam sorry if i was unkown about the whole situation but i can now understand your opinion, iam sorry for my prejudice. Ramadan karim and keep goingnon your wonderful blogg i will keep follow you :) /zarah

  7. I couldn't agree more! Wearing a "carina" is not an excuse to wear a horrible open and tight top.